Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How To Organize Your Makeup!

Organizing makeup can be a lot of work, but also fun! :) I am going to go through how I organize mine and hopefully it can help you guys 2! 

Go Through Your Makeup
I did an entire post on this so please go check it out! Click here to see it :)

Get Some Storage Bins!
This will help you organize more than you think! Mine is 5 drawers (2 small and 3 big). 
You can get tons of different sizes and wheels in the bottom. You could get the smaller drawers, whatever will works best for you! I also like to put my makeup into little containers in the drawer so it doesn't get all mixed up! 
Lets go over how I keep mine organized :) 
Top Drawer (small)
This is where I like to keep the makeup. Each > is going to mean a little basket :) 
> All of my lip products! Like lip glosses, lip chap and lip sticks! 
> Any face powders. Like brownzer, powder foundation, cooling powder, ect.
> Any liquid foundations and tinted moisturizers. I also have a liquid highlight so that goes in there. 
> Blushes.
> Eye shadows (not pallets).
> Mascara and Eye liner
If you don't have enough space with all the containers I would put it in the second drawer and sorta move everything around until you get it the way you like it (like the different products I will be talking about below). 
Second Drawer (small)
This is my last smaller drawer, I keep brushes and all that stuff in it. So lets see whats inside! I do not use baskets for any of the other ones, except for brushes so > doesn't mean basket anymore :P But it could work if you did use containers.
> Brushes 
> eye lash curler 
> Perfume (small roll on or testers) 
> Deodorant
> Any Lush stuff, like moisturizers 
> Makeup remover, toner, cosmetic pads, Q-tips 
Third Drawer (large)
This is where I keep everything nails! 
> All my nail polish 
> Nail polish remover
> Cosmetic pads but I only use them for nails. 
> I have a container that has 2 mini drawers and i will tell you what I keep in that:
- cuticle remover/ cream
- nail stencils (like fore french manicures)
- nail clippers
- nail scissors (is that what they are called?)
- cuticle pusher 
- nail correcter (like nail polish remover in a pen) 
- french tip pen 
- i have my extra nail strips if they are on my fingers 
- nail file
- cuticle massage cream 
Forth Drawer (large)
This is where I like to keep my hair products! 
> Hair sprays
> Hair gel
> Mousse 
> Smoothing Lotion
> Detangling Spray 
> Heat protection spray  
> Bobbie Pins, Hair elastics, ect.
> Curlers, Straightener (do not put them in there hot, if I use it I would just keep it on my desk and put it away when it completely cools down)
> Hair brush 
Fifth (large) 
> Moisturizer
> Body Spray
> Eye shadow pallets 
> Travel makeup bag and brush roll 

On top of my storage container I have my MAC fixed+ because I use it everyday, but if I didn't it would go into the second drawer.

That is how I like to organize my makeup & more. So I hope this was helpful to you and talk to you tomorrow (ON MY BIRTHDAY, I AM SO EXCITEDDDD) :) 

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