Saturday, September 10, 2011

Haul: Birthday! :)

Just want to start off by saying thank you for all the birthday wishes! <3 they put a smile on my face :) So first off I am going to show you a picture of the cupcakes, I didn't end up making them because I fell asleep and woke up before I had to leave to the party (my bad). So I just ended up buying them.
Here are the cupcakes! Mine was the one with Boots (if you don't know what one that is, it's the monkey). But they ended up being really tasty, yum yum.
So here is what I got on my birthday:

This was from my mom. It is a coach wristlet. I have been wanting a wristlet for a year now and I am so happy that I can finally get one!! 
I am just going to go through the letters like I did in august favourites! 
a) This is a card from my friend Martha (pinkbeautylove) and Kira! It is so cool! It pops out and is just the cutest thing! :) 
b) This is a pallet from Quo. It has a bronzer, eye shadow and blush!
c) All of the MAC products I got for my birthday came in the cute little bag!
d) This is a MAC pigment in the shade melon.
e) The next thing that comes in it is a MAC eyeliner in the shade rich ground. This would also work as a base.
f) This is a tube of MAC zoom lash. I used this today and I love it. I might buy it when I run out of this, it is in the colour zoomblack. 
g) The last thing is a cute little eyeliner brush. 
h) Next is the yummy candy! I love this candy. I have been eating it like crazy (shh). It is Maynards juicy squirts berry. 
i) This is a book from my friend Sarah and it is called The Host. I have started reading it last night and I really like it. 
j) Next is a card also from Kira and Martha! Kira made it and it is so cute and I <3 the penguins :) 
And I can not believe I forgot to take a picture with it in the group. But here it is:

So this is a Brow Fix Kit from the brand Milani. It is the cutest thing ever! It has 3 colours, a high-lite, brow 1 or brow 2 (what ever suits you). It has a fold out thing for the brushes. It comes with mini tweezers, angled brush and a sponge brush. And then it has a mirror under that so you cn do your brows on the go! 
This is just a toy I won bowling, but we did its eye brows! Hahaha :P

I also got a few little things (like money and stuff) but am so grateful for everything I got!! So, thank you everyone!!! <333 That's the end of my haul and I will talk to you tomorrow! :D 

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