Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Colour Me Happy :)

This blog post is on what colours will look best on you! Like what colours will flatter your skin tone and bring out your eyes! :) A good way to figure this out is "by season" I will go through each season and who will fall into it and what colours will look best! 

Winter is a cool tone. People in this category have pinky undertones. Skin colour can be pale white, yellowish, and dark. Usually winters have dark brown hair and deep coloured eyes. 
The colours that you should wear is clear and sharp. Some colours include black, navy, and red. If you want lighter colours go with pinks, yellows and pale blue. 
Do not wear orange, gold and and beige. 

Spring is a warm tone. People in this category have peachy, or creamy white. Skin colour can be extreamly light and ivory. Usually springs have blondes, strawberry blondes, and auburn colour hair. Aslo they can have green or light coloured eyes. 
The colours that you should wear are pale and warm colours. For example aqua, golden yellow, peach, bright greens, reds, and clear blues. 
Do not wear black/white and dull colours. 

Summer is a cool tone like winters. People in this category have pinky undertones. Skin colour is very pale and pink. Usually summers have natural blonde hair and brunettes with pale skin. Summer and Winter can be very similar! Usually winters are brunettes and summers are natural blondes.  
The colours you should wear are muted and cool undertones. For example powder blue, dusty pink, lavender, and pale yellows. 
Do not wear black, orange, and earthy tones. 

Fall is a warm tone. People in this category have golden undertones in their skin. Usually autumns have red hair, brown, golden blonde and black hair. 
The colours that you should wear are golden, spicy and earthy tones. Look for a warm undertone, some exaples include beige, orange, gold, and dark brown.
Do not wear bright colours and black and white. 

Spring and fall are very similar. Springs tend to have pale eyes and Autumns have dark eyes.  

Of course you can wear any colours you want! :) And the season I am is Winter. 
So let me know what season you are in the comments below! :) Have a great dayyy!

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