Saturday, September 24, 2011

Break Your Bad Beauty Habits

Habits can be hard to break, but it can have a great benefit! Here are some beauty habits it is time to say goodbye to:
Playing With Your Hair
Touching it, twirling it, breaking split ends are all bad. If you are always touching your hair it can cause it to be more greasy and playing with it can cause split ends.
Touching Your Face
Along with touching your hair touching your face can make it greasy and lead to more pimples.
Popping/Picking at Pimples
Doing this can lead to scaring and infection. If it does happen I know Clean and Clear have a cream to put on it. But you can always try to dry out the pimple with toothpaste, face mask or a cream for drying out pimples.
Rubbing Your Eyes
I do this a lot when I am tired. It is bad because the skin around your eyes are very sensitive and doing this can cause wrinkles in the future. It can also make it sore.
Pulling on Your Eyes When Applying Eye Liner
This is bad to do for the same reasons as rubbing your eyes. It can take a lot of practice to apply it without pulling on your eyes.
Not Applying Sunscreen
This is important to do even in the winter months. It is better to protect your skin from the sun than risk getting cancer. Some foundations have SPF in them which is great if you forget to put it on your regular sunscreen.
Licking Your Lips
If you lick you lips because they are dry it can actually make them drier. It might also cause a rash around your lips (especially in the winter!). Try keeping lip balm on you and use that instead.
Not Taking Off Your Makeup 
Leaving your makeup on for the night can be bad. I like to keep makeup removing wipes next to my bed because if I forget to wash my face it only takes a minute to wipe it all off. Plus I don't have to get out of bed :)
Using Heated Hair Appliances and Not Using Heat Protectant 
This can really damage your hair. Try using the appliances less often and always use heat protectant!
Biting Your Nails 
Biting you finger nails can make them look not so pretty. There are a lot of ways the break this habit, I read that there is something you can put on them to make them taste bad.

It can take a month to break a habit for good! So never give up :) What beauty habits are you trying to break/ that you have broken?

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