Thursday, February 9, 2012

Get The Look: Aria Montgomery

Hey Girls! 
This is look 2 in my Pretty Little Liar Series! If you want to check out my Get The Look post on Spencer the click here :)
Makeup & Hair 
For Aria's makeup I would start off with your everyday foundation & any natural coloured blush.
Her eyes are doll like and she likes to use eyeliner to make them pop. I would use black liner on your top lash line and line your waterline half way (from the outer corner to the middle). She also has really voluminous lashes, use any volumizing mascara or fake lashes. Aria's eyebrows also frame her face, I would suggest filling them in to make them more bold. For shadow she tends to create neutral smokey eyes. Her lips vary. Sometimes she wears deep colours and other times neutral. I would use a berry lip stick because I notice that she wears that colour the most. 
Here is a entire makeup tutorial from my favourite beauty guru, missglamorazzi :) 
For hair it is usually down and has a loose curl. To get that look use a large barrel curler (1 inch and up). Her hair is also very shiny so I would suggest any shine product.
Aria defiantly has a more edgy and unique way of dressing compared to the other girls. She is not afraid to try new pieces (like her neon yellow shoes in last weeks episode). She also likes to layer and accessorize. Aria tends to wear girly dresses and a leather jacket over it (her main statement piece). 
Here are some clothes that I could see Aria wearing:
Hope you enjoyed and I will have Emily's look up next week! :) 
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