Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentines's Day Treats! ♥

Hey Everyone!
Valentine's day is only a few days away! I thought it would be cute to show some of my favourite treats and what I am going to might be making this year :)

Cupid's Cups. This is my favourite treat, I make it all year round! The main ingredients are jello and cool whip. Check out the recipe here

These are so cute! They are Mini Heart Shaped Cake! Don't they look like those little candies?? So adorable!! Get the recipe here

This looks so GOOD! It is a Frozen Chocolate "Souffles". I am totally making this! Learn how to make it here :) 

This is a cute little "heart" drink to make in the morning. I would love waking up to this! The recipe for this drink is here

Other Ideas...
Some other good recipe ideas include chocolate covered strawberries (of course!) and brownies (or cookies) in the shape of hearts!

Hope you enjoyed these tasty treats and remember to make them with love! :)

What is your favourite Valentine's Day treat? 
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