Monday, September 5, 2011

How to Wash Your Face Without Making a Mess!

Admit it. We have all tried taking a handful of water and throwing it at our face to wash off the soap. Sadly that leaves a puddle of water on the floor (unless your a pro at it, haha). So how do you successfully wash your face without a drop of water on the floor?

step one : Tie your hair back, I like to do a bun on top of my head :) 

step two: Wash your hands, this because you don't want to wash your face with germy hands 

strep three: Put water on your hands and put it all over your face. Don't throw it like the picture. Also use warm/hot water but not so hot that it burns your skin!

step four: Get your favourite face cleanser. Right now I am loving Clean & Clear Morning Burst Fruit Infusions. I use the pomegranate kind and it smells AH-MAZING! And its is pink plus there are little strawberry seeds in it, I just thought that was the coolest thing ever. Anywho take a small amount in your hands  and gently massage it on your face. Focus on where your face has the most oil (T-zone).

step five: So this is the most important step. I take a washcloth and have it dripping wet. And then I wash off the soap, I always have my face above the skin just in case water falls. You can also get a handful of water in your hands and put your face in it. This way your not splashing it and it does the same thing. 

step six: after you have finished taking off all the soap pat dry it with a towel. 

step seven: moisturize! 

why bother to wash your face in the first place? Washing your face everyday can take away left over makeup, unclog pores get rid of dirt and oil. Washing your face is a good way to maintain healthy skin :) 

Now you have a clean face and a clean floor! If you have any tricks of how to wash your face please put it in the comments :) I will talk to you guys later!
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