Friday, August 26, 2011

Back to School - How to Keep your Locker Clean & Make it Yours :)

Lockers are your place for the school year. You talk to your friends by it and have all you stuff in it. Sadly not all lockers are very pretty but there are some ways of taking it from bland to glam :)

what to keep in your locker
this is just a list of what I keep in my locker, we will get to the decorations later!
> my binders for the next class (I have 2, my morning classes and afternoon)
> textbooks
> gym clothes (if you have gym)
> coat/sweater

keep it clean!
This can be one of the most important things for a pretty locker. Keeping it clean can be hard, I know. I had the messiest locker last year, but I got it cleaner as the school year came to a close. My locker got really messy because I would always bring stuff to school but never bring it back home. For example if it was raining in the morning I would bring a coat and then in the afternoon it wouldn't be raining anymore so I would just leave it in my locker. But I have learned my lesson and thought up some ideas so this doesn't happen again. A quick tip is if you locker can't close or you have to push it to close it, it's time to clean it out!
So I would suggest getting locker shelves. Mine are purple because I love purple. And my locker also comes with a shelf on the top and then some coat hooks. The more shelves you have the easier it will be to organize! So on the bottom of my locker I will put my shoes because the bottom is always gross :P Then if I have gym I would put my clothes above that. And then my binders for next period (so they are right there and I don't have to get on my tip toes to reach it, lol). So then I put my coat/sweater on the hooks and I don't put my backpack on it because I'd rather have it with me. On the top shelf I will have all my text books. So that's my basic layout of my locker.

ways to make it pretty! 
So a locker should be a place to express yourself! I love how in pretty little liars each one of their lockers reflects on their personality (like Emily always has the latest swim meets hanging up). I suggest getting locker wallpaper. I think they are just giant magnets that can make your locker looking cool. If you don't want your locker wallpapered add a bunch of pictures. Have pictures of your friends, or magazine pictures and put them on you locker with cute magnets. I am going to do a tutorial of magnets that you can make yourself :) Also add a mirror and you can have containers to hold your pencils. And get a white board! You can leave little reminders for yourself and your friends can write messages on them. You can add whatever you want to your locker its like a empty canvas waiting for you paint it :) (like my metaphor? haha)

Anyways that is it for today! Let me know what you have to have in your locker in the comments! And I have a no-heat waves tutorial tomorrow! I have to work on it the night before so that is why it is not up today, so yeah, that's it :) talk to you tomorrow!!

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