Sunday, August 14, 2011

How To Fall Alseep...

Cant fall asleep and counting sheep is not doing it for you? Well here are some of my tips for getting to sleep!

Try a Mist or Fragrance
I love the body mists from bath and body works more than the pillow sprays and this is because you don't have to wait for it to dry. But either one always helps me fall asleep. My favourite sent is Warm Milk & Honey. 
Listen To Music
I always find putting on soft music helps me fall asleep. Make a playlist on your ipod. I always like listening to Taylor Swift songs.
Get a Cuddly Toy or Soft Pillow
I find it easier to sleep when hugging a teddy bear or when I have a really comfy pillow <3
Read your favourite story or the next chapter in your novel. But don't get to caught up in the chapter book because you might not want to put it down!
Some More Tips & Tricks!
> close your eyes and don't let yourself open them, you will soon find yourself fast asleep
> close your eyes and try to think of what you want to dream about (this ALWAYS works for me!)
> take a warm bath before bed to help relax you, I don't recommend getting your hair wet because it will get your pillow wet and that can make it hard to fall asleep
> count backwards from 100 with your eyes closed. Repeat when you get to the end!
> try drinking some tea (they have special kinds just for bedtime) or some warm milk
> try to avoid caffeine

Add what you do to help yourself fall asleep to the comments below! :)
Thanks for reading and sweet dreams xoxo

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