Thursday, August 18, 2011

Purple Smokey Eyes Tutorial

As you guys know I am going to a wedding on Saturday and my outfit is a combo of purple and silver. So I thought doing a purple/silver smokey eye would be perfect! The finished look is down below so check it out! This is how to get the look :)

Above are all the eye shadows I will be using (plus a black). This is from Avon and it is the true colour eye shadow quad in purple haze. You can get Avon online or from people around you that sells it, my mom sold it so I have a few of their products laying around and was so happy when I can across this because I totally forgot I owned it! So onto the look!


*These are the brushes I am using, the ones to the left are from Posh and the are the concealer duo (you can just use any brush that's 1cm wide and then 1/2 cm wide. The ones to the right are ones I just found laying around. I don't remember the brand. One is a short fluffy brush (I will be using this for blending, because as you see the MAC blending brush is on my wish list) and the white one is just a slanted eye liner one,  I am using it to apply shadow under my eye*

1. Take eye primer (or concealer what I am using, there will be a picture of it below) and put it all over your lid, brow and under your eye. This will just help the eye shadow stay on.

2. Using the Posh 1cm wide brush (best I could explain, haha) Take the brightest purple (top to the right) and put it on the first inner half of your lid. (from your tear duct to the middle of your lid).

3. Using the same brush, flip it over and put the colour named amethyst (the dark purple) and put it beside the bright purple but NOT over the rest of your lid. Just to have the colour in the middle.

4. Using a clean eye shadow brush (1cm wide) or the same one, just make sure the purple powder is off. Fill in the rest of  your lid with the colour black ice (the dark grey), I also brought this colour into the crease half way, but that is just because I want a darker look.

5. Then take the smaller eye shadow brush (1/2 cm) and use a black eye shadow and put a little dot on the outer of your eye.

6. Take a blending brush and blend all the colours so it seems seamless, but do mix up all the colours. We still want to tell what ones you used.

7. Take the same fluffy brush and add the light purple (lilac) to your brow bone.

8. Take the eyeliner brush (the white one) and use the bright purple on the inner half of your bottom waterline. Connect the colour you originally put on your lid to it, like where your tear duct is and to the middle of your eye (I really hope that made sense, eekk). Then use black ice (or dark grey) and finish where the bright purple left off.

9) Use eyeliner on the top and bottom waterline. I am using Loreal Paris Lineur Intense in Carbon Black (felt tip) for the top waterline and Maybelline Line Express in Ebony Black (pencil) on my bottom waterline.

10) Then take and eyelash curler and curl your eyelashes.

11) Add your favorite mascara. I haven't decided on what one I am using yet. Either Revlon Grow Lushcious (Black Shimmer) or Loreal Telescopic (Blackest Black).

So that's it, I am going to be adding my foundation, blush and all that good stuff to my face as well. And I hope this tutorial worked out for you! And let me know if you want more posts like this :) Thanks and I hope you are having a great day!!

the finished look:

This is Avon's look for this, of course mine is going to turn out a bit different because I didn't use the same steps, but its basically the same! :)

Also... Its my dogs birthday today (yayyy!) and I just wanted to give him a quick shoutout! So happy birthday Mozart!! love youuuu <3333

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