Sunday, August 14, 2011

Whats in my pencil case & school make-up bag?!

I was thinking of doing some back to school blogs :) Like this one and the creative binder tutorial! I was also thinking of doing easy back to school make-up (for when your in a rush) and cute back to school outfits. So lets get started with whats in my pencil case & make up bag!

Pencil Case!

I LOVE my pencil case, I saw it and thought it was the cutest thing ever! I got it at Indigo (if you are wondering what that is, its a book store). Its is from Emma Bridgewater if you are looking to find it. And the inside is purple MY FAV COLOUR :D Okay, so on to whats inside :) 

- So the first thing I pulled out of my pencil case is my giraffe erasers (yes, because I'm that cool) I got them at staples for around $2 and it came in a pack of 2

- Next is highlighters. Mine are Sharpie Accent and come in a pack of 4 (yellow, blue, pink and orange) and I got them for around $3 

-  Next is my purple Sharpie permanent marker (fine point). I use this for underlining titles but it does bleed through the paper so be careful! 

- I then have 5 BIC mechanical pencils. I like mechanical pencils better than the wooden ones, this is because I find it writes better and I hate sharpening them :P

- Lead for my pencils

- Little post-it notes. I love to use them to bookmark my textbooks. They come in a pack of 5 (light pink, hot pink, orange, light green, and yellow) and they are around $4

- The next thing is my all time favourite! Okay, they are LIQUID PENCILS, yeah I know. Minds blown, right? So they are a lot like pens. But instead of ink coming out lead does you can erase it just like a pencil. Also it comes with mini erasers and i have those in my pencil case as well. They come in a pack of 2 and the colours that I got are blue and purple (because everything i get has to be purple :P) 

- Last thing is a pen I got when i planted a bunch of trees. It is from TD bank if your wondering and apparently they are completely biodegradable and dissolves in water :O 

I don't have a lot of pens in my pencil case because I am not a fan of them. I hate how I make them smudge and I always mess up and I find it a hassle to get white-out and wait for it to dry. But you should totally add pens and white-out to your pencil case if you like them! :) 

Make-Up Bag! 

I am not the type of person that will stand in front of my locker mirror for awhile to do my make-up. So in my make-up bag I have a few products that would be good to touch-up and keep your make-up looking fresh all day! 
My make-up bag if from bath and body works. I got it during their Paris event where you buy a signature product and get the make-up bag and a free body lotion! (what a deal!!) Anywho, I really like this bag, its hot pink and has ruffles on the top plus it has a cute eiffel tower charm :) Whats inside?

- First thing is my travel size body mist from bath and body works in the sent Paris Amour. I love this sent and  I like how its small and not the normal sizes you get at bath and body works and its always nice to have when trying to freshen up after gym class!

- Along with the scents I have a ball roller perfume from La Senza in the scent Kiss Me Cupcake. This is SO yummy! It is basically smells like vanilla and it lasts a long time. I would just re-apply this when I find the smell is fading.

-  Next I have Dream Mousse Concealer from Maybelline. I would use this as a touch up just if you see any redness or anything you want to cover up during the day!

- I then have Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Powder from Physicians Formula . This is a Translucent powder. And why I choose this Translucent powder vs a blush is that this one has bronzer and pink blush, so you basically have 3 in one which is great because I dont want to be carrying around a ton of make-up along with my school books. This also has a yummy smell that makes you happy when you put it on, because we all know that school isn't the happiest place (haha). The inside is also a mirror and comes with a brush (bonus)! (sorry i didn't know my mirror was dirty :S)

Next is lips! And i have a lot of lip products! 

- first is Lemon Citron (Liplicious) from Bath and Body Works, this is super yummy and I love it 

- Next is Cotton Candy Lip Smacker, this is really yummy and great lip chap! 

- For lip stick is the most AH-MAZING thing. Its by Maybelline and its translucent lip stick, yeah you read it right. Mine is in the shade pink lollipop (shade 100) and it makes your lips look like you just ate a Popsicle plus it tastes like candy (or a pink lollipop, haha) and these are a limited edition and definitely worth getting! :D 

- My last thing is my MAC Dazzleglass in the shade Baby Sparks. The dazzleglass is less sticky than the lipglasses from MAC. The applicator is also amazing! 

So that's whats in my pencil case and school makeup bag! Comment below and let me know what you think and tell me whats in you pencil case and make-up bag! Talk to you guys laterr :) 

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