Monday, August 15, 2011



So guys, tomorrow I am going to Canada's Wonderland! (yayyy) If you dont know what it is, its a giant theme park with tons of roller coasters and rides! So this is whats gonna be in my bag and what I am wearing! :D  p.s there will not be a blog post tomorrow because i am not going to be home, sorry

~What I'm Wearing~

I am wearing jean shorts, tank top and a cardigan if it gets cold! :) Also everything I am wearing is from American Eagle...that was not planed (haha). Okay, so the first thing is normal jean shorts. This is because I don't want to wear a dress and have it fly up on the rides. Next I am wearing an undershirt that has lace on the top and the bottom. I am probably just going to be wearing this because its suppose to be hot! But if I get cold on the bus or there its good to have a light sweater in my bag :) So thats what I am wearing! 

~ What I am bringing for the bus ride~

Okay, so in my bag is stuff I am going to need at the theme park and some entertainment for the ride! 
My bag is Roxy and its pretty big, I got it a year ago but I still see it at stores so you could probably find it. I am going to do a whats in my bag blog, so I cant get into the details about it then :) 

- First thing I have is my keys, they have a cute giraffe on them that Martha got for me when she went to Kenya (go follow her blog!
- Next is my wallet, I just have my money and important cards in it 
- I then have a small container of Body Shop body butter
- I have my EOS lip balm in summer fruit 
- My ipod, I am probably going to be listening to music the entire time, and of course playing apps! But its really handy to have when your bored 
- I have a bunch of hair ties, this is because I might want to put my hair up during the ride 
- I have my clear lip gloss from maybelline and its in Minty Sheer 
- I have my sunglasses from Aldo, always good to have to protect your eyes from the sun!
- Next I have the newest edition of Seventeen 
- Finally I have a book, this one is Tan Lines from the series Beach Blondes (I will not be bringing this into the park with me) 

I will also be adding water and snacks in my bag but I am going to be dong that in the morning! I will also have my cell phone and a camera! :)  

So that's what I am wearing/bringing to Wonderland. Let me know your must haves for a road trip below! Thanks for reading! xoxox

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