Thursday, August 25, 2011

back to school - a very simple yet cute outfit! :)

So today I went on (add me, im kayleelyford) and created a simple back to school look! These are so much fun to make!
simple back to school look!

simple back to school look! by kayleelyford 

What clothes did I pick? 
I centered this look around the top. It is from hollister and I really like it! It is lace and cloth and its stripped, really cute <3
I then added black jeggings from american eagle. I love these pants and I think it goes with the top really well!
I put Tom shoes with it because I wanted a basic black shoe, but still be warm enough for fall (I live in Canada and it can get cold!)
I added a simple bracelet to the look, I find it doesn't make the outfit busy. This bracelet is from forever 21. 
I could not pick a tote for this outfit! I love both. The black one is the Longchamp and I love these bags, a lot. I picked black because it can match all my outfits. The other bag is from coach, it is also really cute. 
For makeup I have just brown eye shadow from MAC. And some pink lip gloss (also from MAC).  
For nails I have a really light pink, I am not sure the name of this colour but any light pink would do (this is by OPI). 
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