Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Hey Ghouls and Goblins! 
Happy Halloween!! Hope you guys are having a FANGtastic day :) 
Here are some pictures of my costume:

Bq9SzF on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Anyways I am really really sorry I didn't put my Minnie Mouse costume tutorial up! I had so much homework it was unreal. I had to finish a 30 page report and other homework, I was up till 1:30 last night! Needless to say, I extremely tired! 

Anywho here is just an overview of my costume: 

Top - I just got a black top because I couldn't find a polka dot one. I added iron on circles to create the polka dots!
Tutu: I made it mostly out of tulle and elastic. You can search how to make them online, just google no sew tutu :) 
Leggings: Just normal black ones from garage 
Ears: I just got them from my local Halloween store

Face: I used my normal foundation, then blush and added a nose with eyeliner. For lips I had on a red lip gloss, I was planning on using red lipstick but I ended up not wearing any
Eyes: I used white eye shadow over the entire lid. I then added glitter and a lot of mascara & eye liner

Sorry again for not blogging in forever! I will get back on track starting now! :) If you have any requests for blog post please feel free to comment! 

Have a safe and spooky Halloween! 

Friday, October 28, 2011

Review: Banana Shampoo

Hey Everyone! 
In the summer I went shopping with my friends and got The Body Shop's Banana Shampoo and Conditioner. I was on the fence about it at first because it smelled like bananas and I thought it was really weird, and I am not really a big fan of the banana sent. My friend ended up convincing me on getting it and now I love it! 
It smells really good, omg! The only thing I wasn't a fan of was the quality. I found that it made my hair dry and wasn't very moisturizing so I stopped using it. But I used it again a few days ago because I was running low on my normal shampoo and I really loved it! The smell reminded me of summer (I miss summer like crazy, I actually had to wear a winter coat today! It was freezing!) and I found that it was pretty moisturizing. I am thinking that the shampoo and conditioner never actually dried out my hair, it was probably just because I was in the pool everyday! 

Overall, I think this shampoo & conditioner smells and works great! The smell doesn't stay on your hair for long but I wish it did. I would suggest trying it out if you haven't already! After all...

Also, I am going to have my costume finished by tomorrow! I promise! I think it might be to late to be a tutorial, but I will explain everything anyway :) 

Have you tried this shampoo & conditioner? What do you think of it? :) 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Taste Of Fall: Spiced Vanilla Latte

Hey Everyone!
I was looking around and I came across something that said Spiced Vanilla Latte. I was like OMG that must be the yummiest thing ever! I am so excited to make this drink it is a bit embarrassing. I figured I could do a blog post on it and share the recipe with you :) This recipe makes 2 servings. 

What you will need:
- 1 - 1/2 cups of water
- 1/2 cup of skim milk 
- 1 -1/2 tsp. of any instant coffee (make sure it is original and not flavoured) 
- 1 package of low calorie sweetener (I am guessing a normal sweetener can work as well)
- 1 tsp. of vanilla 
- whip cream 
- 2 dashes of ground cinnamon

How to make it:
- Mix the water and milk into a pot and let it boil
- once boiled remove it from the heat and add in the instant coffee and the sweetener
- stir until everything is dissolved
- stir in the vanilla
- pour into your favourite mug and top it off with some whip cream cinnamon

I am so excited to make this in the morning, it sounds so yummy! <333
I got this recipe from this website:

Also, today at school we got to carve pumpkins (yay!) Here are some pictures when everyone was done :)

My Class - Witch :)

Hamburger Pumpkin! :O

It was a competition and the pumpkins then get auctioned off at the end :) I really hope ours wins!
Anywho, I will Talk to you tomorow! :) 

What's your favourite fall drink? 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How To Wear Crop Tops In The Fall/Winter!

After rocking your crop tops all summer, what do you do with it when the cold weather comes around? Here are some tips of how to wear it in the fall/winter! :)

1. Add a tank top. This might depend on the crop top and what you like best. If it is a top the goes under your bellybutton I think putting a tank top under it is a good call! You can also get tank tops that are flowy and having a crop top over it will give it a completely different look! 

2. Wear it over a dress. This is such a cute way to wear it! Also try to wear it with a skirt. To make it more 
warmer put on a denim jacket! 

3.  A high wasted skirt or jeans. Either one will keep your outfit looking cute! 

Here is a DIY of how to make a crop top and how to rock them from MacBarbie07! 

Even though this video has a lot of summery ways to wear them you can add really warm tights to you dresses or shorts! But I think a lot of the looks can relate. 

If your crop top only shows a little bit of skin you might be able to get away with it. But overall the key thing to remember is..layer, layer layer! 

I hope this helps convert your summer wardrobe into winter! :) I will have the Minnie Mouse tutorial hopefully up by tomorrow (fingers crossed!). So, I will talk to you then! :D 

How will you being wearing your crop tops this fall/winter? 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Quick Question: New Camera & Halloween

Hey Everyone! 
This is a bit of an update/a lot of questions. So lets get into it :) 

I was going to do an outfit of the day a little while back & a haul from H&M but my camera decided to break. It won't take any pictures and if it does it turns out all blurry. I might try to use my webcam for outfit of the days until I get a new camera. But this brings me to my first question: What is a good camera brand/type to get? I don't want an SLR or anything crazy. I know they have sorta mini SLR cameras and I am thinking about getting one of those. But what kind of camera do you use for your blog? 

Also, Halloween is a week away. I am still working on my costume. I am being minnie mouse but I am making the entire thing. I was hoping to be finished by today but I ran out of fabric and I don't have time to go out and get some. I was wondering if any of you would want a tutorial for this costume? I am making a tutu and a polka dot top for it. But you could use the tutu to be a fairy or ballerina as well. I don't want to wait until Wednesday to tell you how to make it because that would leave you with 0 time. So, want me to do it in two parts? How to make it and what it looks like when finished? 

Let me know in the comments below :) And I will talk to you tomorrow!! 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

What To Wear To A Pumpkin Patch Or Corn Maze :)

What to wear to a corn maze or pumpkin patch

Hey Everyone! 
Here is what I suggest wearing when trying to find your way through a haunted corn maze or finding that perfect pumpkin to carve : ) 

I would suggest a plaid shirt of course! They are totally in for fall and you can also get in a larger size so they are all cozy and warm! For pants I would wear black leggings. This is because they are basic, and will look really cute with an oversized shirt. For shoes I picked moccasins, they are cozy as slippers and look really cute! 

For accessories I would go for less is more. I picked a basic bracelet, I really love the Tiffany bracelets  even though I don't have one I really want one. Then I added a basic leather purse. They have some cute ones at H&M and they are not too expensive! I also added some mittens and a hat because it has been cold where I live so it is good to stay warm! 

I would wear basic makeup. I would just have some foundation, blush, mascara and lip gloss :) For nails go for any fall colour, my favourite is lincoln park after dark by OPI. 

Also go to starbucks before and get one of their many fall drinks :) Like pumpkin spice latte, yum! 

So that is what I would wear to go pumpkin picking or when I go to a corn maze! :)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

How To: Halloween-ify Your Nail's

Hey Everyone! 
Halloween is a week and a few days away so what better way to show your Halloween spirit then to have spooky nails! I put this post into two catigories: if you are good at painting your nails and if you are bad.

If You Are Talented With Nail Polish...
If you are good at painting your nails then check out some of these cool ideas :) 
Tip: use nail art pens or a toothpick to get the perfect design.

Candy Corn
The colours of nail polish you need for this look is:
- white
- yellow 
- orange
To make your nails look like yummy candy corn you are going to want to paint three strips of colour. Start off with the bottom strip and paint it yellow, let it dry. After it is dry paint the next one orange. Then after that is dry paint the tip of your nail white. Letting the polish dry before starting a new one will make it less likely to mix the colours and mess up. 

The colours of nail polish you will need for this look is:
- orange
- black 
Also for this you will need a toothpick or a back nail art pen. 
Paint all of your nails orange. When it drys add two eyes and a mouth. To do this with normal nail polish open  it and dip the toothpick into the nail polish and draw with it. If you are using a nail art pen just do it with that :) 

Spider Webs
The colours you will need for this look is:
- white
- black 
Start off with painting your nails white. After it drys dip a toothpick into the black nail polish and draw a spider web in the corner of your nail or all over it.
You could also draw on bats or skulls using the same nail colours. 

I really like the look of these nails. 
The colours you will need are: 
- black
- orange
- glitter
So paint all of your nails black except the ring finger. Paint the ring finger orange. When it drys paint all the nails that are black with the glitter nail polish. Then using a toothpick dip it into the black nail polish and draw a spider & a web or a pumpkin on it. 

You can always look for Halloween nail inspiration online and you can paint each nail a different thing, like a pumpkin, candy corn, a bat, ect. :)

If You Are Not Good At Painting Your Nails...
 Do not fear if you are not a pro at painting your nails! There is still another way to Halloween-ify them :) You can buy Sally Hansen nail strips from the store that already have a pattern on them. Here are the different patterns:
 Pretty cute, eh? I got the ones with all the ghosts on them. 

So that is how to halloween-ify your nails :) I am going to go and put the ghost nails on now, so talk to you tomorrow! 

Are you going to halloween-ify your nails?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween Treats: Monster Toes, Crunchy Apples and Bats & Bones Brownie Cake

This is my favourite part of Halloween! Making the treats :) You can make the treats for parties, your class or to enjoy with friends (or by yourself, because you might not want to share, lol) So here are my top 3 Halloween recipes! 

Monster Toes 
 This is such a yummy treat! Here is what you will need:
- 1 cup of soft butter
- 2 cups of flour 
- 1 package of Jell-O in lime 
- 18 Mayards Swedish Berries (my favourite candy!)

How to make it:
- heat the oven to 350
- mix the butter until creamy, then add flour and jello
- make the dough into 18 toe-shaped pieces 
- but on baking sheet and add berries, flatten them a bit (you can also use a spoon to make a knuckle)
- bake for 10-15 minutes or until it is golden brown around the edges 

Crunchy Apples
This is a classic Halloween treat! Here is what you will need to make them:
- 5 apples (washed)
- 50 kraft caramels (or you can get another brand)
- 2 tbsp of water
- 6 bars of cadbury fun treats, finely chopped  

What to do:
- put a wooden popsicle stick in each apple 
- cover large plate with wax paper
- microwave caramel & water in a large container on high for 2-2.5 minutes 
- dip each apple into the caramel, make sure it is evenly coated 
- sprinkle the cadbury treats over the apple and press it gently in the caramel
- put them on the plate and in the fridge for 1 hour

Bats & Bones Brownie Pizza

I saved the best for last! :) This is the most yummiest one in my opinion! So here is what you need to make it:
- 1 box of brownie mix
- yellow and red food colouring
- 2 cups of cool whip (thawed)
- 12 bars of cadbury fun treats (like Mr.Big, Caramilk, Wunderbar, ect.) & make sure you chop them
- halloween sprinkles 

Here is how to make it:
- heat oven at 350
- bake brownies as directed on package and wait for it to cool
- add food colouring to the cool whip (15 drops yellow, 3 red) 
- spread on top of the brownie and add the toppings (chocolate and sprinkles)

Those are my top 3 Halloween recipes! I am going to be doing a Halloween party blog post & Halloween cupcakes later this week, so watch out for those spooky treats! 
Talk to you tomorrow! 

Will you be trying out any of these recipes?
What are your favourite Halloween treats? 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Morning Routine :)

Hey Everyone!
Today I wanted to do a morning routine post because I thought it would be fun :) So here is my morning:

7:15 Wake up & check my phone messages 

7:20 Go and brush my teeth and shower if I need too (most of the time I shower & straighten my hair before I go to bed, but sometimes I am just to tired so I will in the morning).

7:30 Get dressed. I like to plan out my outfits before I go to bed as well, just so there is less to do.

7:40 - 7:45 Makeup & Hair. Makeup really depends on the time or how I am feeling. But every morning I will put on foundation, blush, eye liner, mascara & lip gloss. For hair I might run straightener through it or do something else with it. 

7:55 - 8:00 Make a mocha/hot chocolate. I am not much of a coffee person. Sometimes I will just go to Tim Hortons. Also I will grab a muffin. I am not much of a breakfast person, I never seem to be hungry. I like taking something with me because if I get hungry during 1st period I can eat it :) 

8:05 - 8:10 Catch the bus! 

That is my morning routine. I think I might do a post about muffin recipes later :) Anyways, hope you have a great day and talk to you tomorrow!

p.s H&M opens in my city tomorrow!!! yayyyy :D expect a haul soon! LOL 
 please vote for my friends essay :) with a cherry on top! 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Halloween: Mad Hatter Costume & Makeup

The Mad Hatter "Have I gone mad?" Alice "I am afraid so, your entirely bonkers. But I will tell you a secret. All the best people are."

Today I am going to be doing a Mad Hatter Halloween tutorial! It is based on the Disney movie with Johnny Depp. I am pretty excited for this one because the mad hatter has always been my favourite character in Alice In Wonderland! 

You can use a lot of things around your house for this (like seeking into your Dad's closet), or go to your local thrift store. I suggest finding a really fun printed scarf and tying it into a bow for a bow tie (if you don't know how to tie a bow tie I suggest googling it). The two key components to this costume is the coat and the hat (of course!). If you find a basic top hat tie some ribbon around it and put a piece of paper on it that says: 10/6. Go crazy with this costume, you are mad of course! Go nuts with the colours, try suspenders, have a scarf coming out of your pocket. You can wear a dress or pants and a blouse.You can always carry around a cup of tea as well :) Also try looking at local Halloween stores for the actual costume, because finding the parts to it might be hard! 

Here is the makeup your trying to re-create. 

Start off with some white face paint. You can probably find some from any local Halloween store. 
Next add so bush but apply it so it shows off your check bones. 

There are a lot of blue and pinky red eye shadows. Apply any blue eye shadow to your lid and up to your brow. Then apply a pink to half of your bottom lid and add a darker shade in the middle and a grey on the outer. The blend it out with a blending blush. It looks like he is wearing a white mascara, but sadly that can be hard to find! Instead try some white eyeliner. Then add your favourite mascara. You can find some mad hatter eye brows at a Halloween store. I thought they were the coolest thing ever! 

I would suggest a rose red lipstick. I suggest Girl About Town from Mac or a colour like that. 

So that is my Mad Hatter Halloween tutorial. If you want to see any other Halloween tutorials let me know. I am going to be doing a Minnie Mouse Halloween tutorial this weekend :) I just have to finish it the costume! 

Also, I am wondering if you can do my friend a favour :) She has entered a scholarship contest but needs people to vote for her essay! So all you do is scroll down and enter your email! It will take 2 minutes and it will mean so much! Here is the link:

Monday, October 17, 2011

Bon Appetit - Pumpkin Seeds!

After you have finished carving your pumpkin it is always best NOT to throw out those pumpkin seeds! They can be a tasty treat everyone will love :) 

Did you know that pumpkin seeds are not only yummy but healthy too? Here's some benefits: They help prevent cancer, rich in minerals and protein, help your prostate and more :) If you are interested on learning other ways pumpkin seeds are healthy check out this website:

You want to prepare your pumpkin seeds before you roast them. Remove all the pulp from the seeds  Once you have finished that rinse them off. Then dry them and leave them on a pan overnight. You can also skip rising the seeds off and keeping the pulp on the seeds, it is up to you! 

Here is the basic way to cook them:
Put your pumpkin seeds in a bowl with 1/4 salt and 2 tsp of vegetable oil, make sure all the seeds are evenly coated. Then put your seeds on a backing sheet and preheat the oven to 360. After the oven is preheated put in the pumpkin seeds for 15 - 20 minutes or until seeds are a deep golden brown. 

You can get creative with what you put on your pumpkin seeds! In my family we like to put soya sauce on them and some spices. You can also put chili powder, garlic powder, Cajun powder, or any other strong seasoning. If you want it sweet why not try cinnamon, sugar and nutmeg? You can also use hot sauce or Worcestershire sauce. The possibilities are endless! 

When cooking them you can also have the oven setting on broil or cook them in a pan (when cooking in a pan make sure you always keep them moving). 

That is how you bake pumpkin seeds! I am thinking of doing another Halloween tutorial tomorrow :) Let me know if there are any that you would like to see, I am still planning on doing the mad hatter! So, that is all, I think I am going to go roast some seeds now because writing this post is making me reallyyy hungry, lol :) Talk to you tomorrowwww! 

Do you roast your pumpkin seeds?

Information from here :)  

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tag: This or That?

Hey Everyone!
So, today I teamed up with beautyfashionbyme and did this tag :) She will have her tag on her blog which is here:
So on to the questions!! 

blush or bronzer
Totally blush! Bronzer never looks good on me, I always end up looking orange :P
lip gloss or lipstick
I love both!! I think lip gloss just because I have more in my collection, lol. And I also love how pretty they smell :) 
eye liner or mascara
Mascara :) I love mascara, but I am really starting to like eye liner! 
foundation or concealer
Foundation. Just because it is gives me as a lot of coverage, I usually don't use concealer. 
neutral or color eye shadow
When I was in grade 8 I always matched my eye shadow to my top, lol. But I really like neutral eye shadow now.
pressed or loose eye shadows
Doesn't really matter to me, but I am going to go with pressed. 
brushes or sponges
Brushes!! :D 

OPI or china glaze
OPI all the way :) 
Long or short
Acrylic or natural
Brights or darks 
Depends on the season. For spring and summer I love brights, in the fall and winter I like to wear darks. Overall I think I prefer brights. 
Flower or no flower 
No flower. 

perfume or body splash
Perfume :)
lotion or body butter 
Lotion, I love the bath and body works lotions! 
body wash or soap
Body wash, I never use soap :O 
lush or other bath company 
Lush. I really like the bath bombs! 

jeans or sweat pants
long sleeve of short
Short sleeves. 
dresses or skirts
stripes or plaid 
Depends on the shirt. But I really love plaid right now so I am going with that! 
flip flops or sandals 
Birkenstocks :) But if I am going to the beach flip flops. And a tip, if you ever go to an amusement park do not wear birks! I had to go on this ride where your in a log and it goes down into a bunch of water and it make my birks feel so gross for weeks after! They ride was fun though :) 
scarves or hats
Scarves. But if we are talking warmth, I say hats. 
studs or dangly earrings 
I don't have my ears periced! Isn't that crazy?! So, I have no idea :P I feel like I would wear studs more. 
necklaces or bracelets 
I like both..uhhh this is a hard question 
heels or flats 
Flats :)
cowboy boots or riding boots
Riding boots! Omg, they are sooo cute <333
jacket or hoodie 
Hoodie! I love my lululemon hoodies, they are so warm and cozy :) 
forever 21 or charlotte russe 
I have neither. But I like Forever 21's clothes online better than charlotte russe. But I did get this really cute blue bathing suit that was one shoulder from charlotte russe :) Cute stuff.. 
abercombie or Hollister
Abercrombie just because the logo is a moose :) rawrrr <-- my moose sound (they don't actually rawr, but they do today!) 
saks 5th or nordstrom
I have only been to saks 5th, but I like the clothes from nordstrom better. So I guess nordstrom :) 

So that is my this or that tag :) 

Sorry about not posting the pumpkin seeds recipes today, I had a ton of homework! It will be up tomorrow, pinky swear (prom prom). Talk to you tomorrow!! 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pumpkin Carving: Tips & Tricks

Today I am going to be giving you some tips & tricks of how to carve your pumpkin and how to make it last longer :) 

Picking a Pumpkin
 There are 100 pumpkins to pick from, but what one do you choose? I always look for ones that don't look like they are rotting or bruised. Try to find one that is smooth and check the size. Usually I go medium or large but for little kids get a smaller one. It is always good not to wait too long! A couple of years ago I went to get a pumpkin a day before Halloween and they were gone! What a sad Halloween that was :P 

You are going to need:
- knife
- spoon
- templates (if you are using them)
- sharpie 
You could also buy a pumpkin carving kit from any Halloween store :) 

Cut the top of the pumpkin off. You can make a triangle or something so you can put it back on easier. Scoop out the insides of the pumpkin (like the seeds and guts). Make sure you do not throw out the seeds!! I will have a pumpkin seed recipe tomorrow :) They are SO yummy if you never had them! 
If you are not having a template use a sharpie and draw your design. This way it will give you guidelines. If you are using a template tape it on your pumpkin and poke holes on the design, you will be able to carve it easier and see the design! You can poke holes if you are not using a template as well. Then connect the dots :) If you mess up when carving, fix it with a toothpick. You can also make you pumpkin have ears with a toothpick! 

Make It Last Longer
Take a picture. Haha, no I am totally kidding :) So, what you want to do is kill all of the bacteria on the pumpkin. This is because they can create mold on it and cause it to rot. Here is how to do that:
- wipe your pumpkin with a damp cloth
- put 1 teaspoon of bleach and one quart of water in a spray bottle 
- spray the inside of the pumpkin and all the cut areas
- leave it for 20 minutes 
- then rub all the carved parts with petroleum jelly, this will keep it from being dry 
- wipe away all the excess
- keep your pumpkin our of direct sunlight and in a cool place 
This should make your carved pumpkin last about a week :) Information from here:

That's how to carve a pumpkin and make it last longer. Make sure you check out my blog tomorrow for my pumpkin seed recipes! Talk to you tomorrow :D 

P.S Check out this website for some cool designs and more pumpkin information

Friday, October 14, 2011

Fun & Easy Costume Ideas!

Halloween costumes don't have to be super complicated and expensive to look cute and spooky! Here are 5 different costume ideas! 

Tinkerbell is such and easy costume to do. Basically wear a lime green dress (like the colour of tinkerbells). Then get green flats and hot glue white puff balls on them to get her shoes! Get some fairy wigs and tie your hair into a high bun. I also suggest a LOT of glitter! You need to re-create the pixie dust :) 

All you need for this is a dark dress and a some fangs! You can also do fun things with your face makeup like have blood dripping down your mouth :O Here is a really good vampire tutorial by MacBarbie07 :)

I tried this vampire look out at home and I LOVED it! I decided that I am going to be a vampire for Halloween :) So when I get my costume and everything I will take pictures and do a blog post! 

Get a dark outfit like a dress or something, you can add a cloak or something to it as well. A broom to ride on and a wand (you can also use a stick for a wand if you want). Be creative with the makeup! You can paint your face green or something else, just look up different witch looks on google images :) Oh, and also get a witch hat! Hahahah <--- that was my witch laugh btw :) 

Can you give me a meeeoooowwww? The first thing you want to do with your cat costume is get the meow down! :) Other than that, I think a black cat would be easiest. So dress in all black and add a cat tail and some cat ears. Then with some eye liner do a nose and whiskers :) You could also add a collar to the look. 

This would be best if you had a friend to do it with you. Basically dress in red (a jumpsuit would be best if you could find one) and add a circle one your chest saying Thing 1 and your friends saying Thing 2. Then add a blue wig!

Those are 5 easy and cheap costumes ideas! Let me know what Halloween tutorials you want to see next, I am thinking of doing the Mad Hatter from Alice and Wonderland :) So, hope you have a happy friday and talk to you tomorrow!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Camping & Shoutout :)

Hey everyone! So, I just got back from camping this afternoon! I haven't even unpacked my bag yet but I probably should. So here is what camping was like:
We did a lot of canoeing, school work, and hiking. Here is a picture of a giant rock we climbed up (it use to be a mountain so I don't really know what to call it, lol). 
This isn't my picture but it was really pretty, and all the leaves were red, orange and yellow. Gotta love fall <3 We also got to have a bunch of wild fruit! Like apples and grapes, they were so tasty! The grapes were the size of blueberries! Sorta strange that they are so so much bigger in the supermarket. It was also suppose to rain for two of the days we were gone, but we lucked out and it only rain during the night :) The worst part of the trip had to be that I got the flu and was sick for half of it. I am feeling better now but it really sucks being ill in the middle of the woods! This is a bit random but there were a bunch of bear sightings where we were we were camping, so my friend and I knew there could be bears around. So we had to go collect firewood and it was getting dark. We then came across this rock that looked just like a bear! It was so scary, it even had ears and was as big as a bear. We ended up ran away from it but the next morning we went over and investigated and it was just a giant rock. But I guess your mind can really play tricks on you! 
Overall I think it was a pretty good trip, it was cool to hear the wolves howl at night and making a fire and roasting marshmellows. But I am glad to be back at home :) 


So, I just want to give beauty~fashion~by me shoutout :) Her blog has tons of fun and helpful beauty posts! So go check her out if you haven't already!! :D 

So that's everything! I hope you had a good few days and I will have a halloween tutorial up tomorrow!! Ahhh, halloween is getting so close, I'm so excited!! :D Anywho, talk to you tomorrow :) 

Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving! :D


So, today I am leaving and having dinner with my family :) For this post I am going to go through the things I am thankful for:
- Mom
- Friends 
- My Dog
- Everyone that reads and follows my blog! It means a lot <3 

That's some of the things I am thankful for, there is so many it is hard to list! 

In other news, I just want to let you guys know that I will not be blogging for 3 days!! This is because I am going camping and their is obviously no computers near me. I really don't wanna go, it is going to be so boring! And I have to make a water sampler and I am clueless on how to make it...I am going with my class if your wondering, plus it is suppose to rain for 2 of the day we are there -_- Not looking forward to it at all! On the plus side my friend and I made gorp! I am excited to eat it, last time we went camping a rat broke into our food and ate it, sad times...

So, hope you guys have a happy thanksgiving if you are celebrating it, and if your not I hope you have a fab day :) And talk to you on Thursday!! 

gobble gooble :) 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Halloween: Barbie Costume & Makeup

Hey girls! This is my first ever Halloween tutorial, wooo its so exciting :D So, I decided to do a barbie one. I find this can be really cute and you can do whatever to make the look your own. But this look is going to be based on barbie in Toy Story 3. So here is barbies look from the movie:
For the toy story one: Try to find a teal jumpsuit. I know that is probably easier said than done. But I would suggest looking at American Apparel or any thrift stores. Next get a chunky pink belt and tie it around your waist. Then get really colourful  leg warmers (this is my favourite part of the entire outfit, lol). And tie the whole look off with pink heels. For hair (if it isn't blonde already) get a blonde wig with bangs. I would suggest looking at the Hannah Montana ones. Finally if you can tie it up get a pink skrunchie. 
For a regular barbie one: I would suggest getting a pink dress and pink heels. This is because barbie always wears pink! 

Eyes: Start off with some eye primer. Make sure you blend it in with ring finger to avoid wrinkles. Get a basic pink eye shadow and cover your entire lid. Then take a darker pink and cover the outer half. Also put the same shade under your water line. Then take a hot pink and put it in the crease. Next take any gel glitter and use it as eye liner. Then on your bottom waterline put eye liner, the colour doesn't matter but I would suggest black, brow or white. Add your favourite mascara and your done! You can also apply fake lashes if you want. But have fun with it and experiment :) 

Face: Do your regular foundation routine. Next is blush! Try to find a really bright pink blush. A cream blush would be really good for this. After that put powder on top so it lasts longer. 

Lips: Try to find a really pink lip stick. I would suggest Viva Glam Gaga from Mac. 

That is the Barbie Halloween Tutorial! I hope this is helpful also if you also had a guy friend he could be Ken! Wouldn't that be so cute? :) Anyway, If you have any Halloween requests please put them in the comments :) 

What are you going to be for Halloween?

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ins & Outs: Sleep, The Weather, and Candles!

Hi Everyone! So I saw the Elle made an ins & outs blog post and I thought it was such a cute idea (check it out here). Anyways, this is what In ant Out for me :) 

  • Candles! I am in love with burning candles at the moment. I think it is just because the fall scents are out and they smell so good! Hello Pumpkin Caramel Latte :)  
  • Chai Latte. I have never been fond of it before but for some reason I am in love with it now! It is a great fall drink because it can warm you up on cold days and you can also get it iced so it can cool you down if its hot out. I might do a blog post on how to make them at home!
  • Dance! So dance started up for another year :) I am in ballet if your wondering. But I have really missed it over the summer and happy it's back.
  • Running! Because my soccer season is over (boo) I have been trying to find a way to get active. I decided to start running a few times a week! It is super exciting, haha. I have a blog post on how to start running so if your interested click here.
  • Sleep. Because school started I haven't been getting much of it, lol. But when I do get to sleep in I am a happy camper! :D 
  • Eye Liner! I have been experimenting with eyeliner a lot lately! 
  • Backstreet Boys. I found their old CD the other day and I have been listening to them like crazy, backstreets back ALRIGHT! :P
  • The weather. I hate fall/summer weather. It is cold, wet, and blah. There is the odd good day but for one week we were around 8 degrees, BRR! I miss the hot summer weather :(
  • School. It has only been a month but I am tired off it! 
  • Camping. I am leaving on Tuesday and I don't want to go at all! It is suppose to rain for two of the days as well -_- It is not going to be a fun trip...
  • Shorter days. Because it is fall and soon to be winter the days are getting shorter and shorter. I hate when it is dark outside and its only 5pm. 
So those are all of my Ins & Outs at the moment. I am going to do a Halloween tutorial tomorrow, I am thinking of doing a barbie one :) So look out for that. Anyways, hope you have a wonderful night!

Friday, October 7, 2011

TGIF: Cookie Love

Happy Friday Everyone! So today I am going to do a blog post about my all time favourite cookies! 
They are Pillsbury cookies Ready To Bake! So for halloween they have the ghosts (above) and pumpkins. They only come out during holidays so it is always special little treat! 

Okay, wanna hear a funny story with these cookies? I was making them and it says to place them on a ungreased cookie sheet. So I took it as put parsnip paper on the pan and put the cookies on that so they don't stick. I thought that wax paper and parsnip paper were the same thing. So I put the wax paper in the oven and left it. Then I heard the smoke detector going off. So I went to it and made it stop beeping (like fanning it so the smoke goes away from it). The only thing was, I did not know where the smoke would be coming from because the cookies were only in the oven for 2 minutes. I looked at the oven and their was smoke coming up from the elements! I was like OMGHHKP FIRE! I opened the oven door and a bunch of smoke came out, but luckily the paper didn't catch of fire, it was just smoking. So I left it in the oven and turned off the heat. When it was cooled I took out the cookies and they were ruined :'( But thank goodness the smoke detector went off or I would have never knew what was going to happen. So moral of the story: Do not put wax paper in the oven!

Anyway, I love these cookies! They can be great bake for your class for a yummy treat :) 

I hope everyone has a great weekend (it is thanksgiving for me! whoooo!). I also want to start the Halloween posts this weekend so if you want to see any specific Halloween tutorials put them in the comments! Also, I might do a makeup collection video this weekend if I get over this cold so cross your fingers!! So, yeah that's about it :) TTYL! 

Have you tried these cookies? 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fitness: How To Start Running

running clothes

Hey Everyone! So this fall I am making a goal of running 1-3 times a week! I have never ran before and I am really excited to start! Here are some beginner running tips, I got them from Best Health Mag. I am going to start out with the outfit first then how to start running! :) 

Because it is fall I picked out clothes that would be more warm. 
First off get a pair of running shoes. When you go to the store I would suggest asking the workers what shoes are actually running shoes. This is becuase their are a lot of different shoes used for different things (like tennis, gym class, walking, ect.). Getting the right pair can help prevent injuries like a rolled ankle. 
Next I would suggest a leggings (if it is really cold) or shorts. Also get a work out sweater/hoodie or a t-shirt, again this is depending on the weather.
For extras I would suggest a headband to get your hair out of your face, an iPod, and a water bottle. Remember to drink LOTS of water when working out so you don't get dehydrated.

Ready? Set? GO!
Start out by doing a combined walk/run. By this I mean jog for one minute and then walk for a minute, keep doing this for 30 - 45min. When you feel more confident try jogging for a longer amount of time. Remember to build it up slowly. Also try jogging with a friend so you don't get bored and change up the route! Here is a really helpful article the gives you running plans by month!!
Also make some goals for yourself, like how far you run (5k, 10k, ect). 

Fun Fact: Running is the best way to burn calories (apx. 255 calories for a 30min run)

I hope you found this helpful, I know that I will be jogging this fall :) Talk to you tomorrowwww!! 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Perfume Review: Vera Wang Princess :)

Hey everyone! So today I am going to be doing a perfume review of Vera Wang Princess. I got this perfume last spring and it is still my absolute favourite.  
When trying to pick out a perfume I suggest spraying it and seeing if it mixes well with your skin. This is because each person has a different sent, so it will smell differently. Personalty my favourite was always Princess. This is how sephora describes the sent: 
"this sheer, flirty blend of water lily, lady apple, mandarin meringue, and golden apricot skin are melded with sheer floral notes, accented with dark chocolate, and finished with a pink frosting accord, amber, warm woods, musk, and vanilla - a whimsical treat"
I find the perfume lasts a fairly good amount of time (like 6 hours and up). The bottle is also really cute. It has a crown and a gold band with purple gems. It is also purple and that is my favourite colour :) Overall I think this perfume has a really pretty sent and is perfect for everyday <3

Have you tried Vera Wang Princess?

P.S Just so you know, make sure you buy this at a store not online. You may not like the sent so it is always good to try it out! 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Quick Update!

Hey everyone! So I am not going to be doing a blog post today because I am not feeling well :( But I needed to do a blog update so I guess it is a win win situation. 

I was thinking of posting a new blog series called throughout the years. Basically it is just going through what you remember in kindergarten, grade one, two, three, ect. I would have one every month or so that way they are spread out :)

For Halloween posts I was thinking of starting them after I get back from camping (Oct. 14). I think if I do them now it is a bit too early. If you have any requests for Halloween costume tutorials please put them in the comments :) I will also have treats, craving pumpkin tricks, how to make the pumpkin last longer, and more. 

I also just wanted to let you guys know that I have a twitter!/peacelovekayy. I use it for a lot of blogging stuff (like I will tweet the link and that sort of thing). I think it would be handy on days like today when I am not doing a post to just tweet it. And I follow back if your wondering :) 

Again, sorry about not putting up a blog post today. I am thinking of pre-writing some so on days like today I can just publish it. That's about it and I will talk to you tomorrow! :) 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Shuffle Your iPod :)

Hey everyone! So this is just a quick fun post about shuffling your iPod! I saw this on and I wanted to do a blog post about it because it is so fun. Also I have a big law test tomorrow so I don't have much time to blog :( Anyway, to do this you need to put your iPod on shuffle and there are a bunch of questions. The song your on is the answer to the question! Really cute idea, eh? So on to the questions!!!

How would you describe yourself? Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F) - Katy Perry 

How do you feel today? Birthday - Kings of Leon

What is your life’s purpose? Good Life - OneRepublic

What is your motto? Down To Earth - Justin Bieber

What do your friends think of you? Back To December - Taylor Swift

What do you think of your parents? Second Go - Lights

What do you think about very often? Ours - Taylor Swift

What is 2 + 2? Jar of Hearts - Christina Perri

What do you think of your best friend? Hey, Soul Sister - Train (haha, the title to that one is too cute!)

What is your life story? Stop & Stare - OneRepublic

What do you want to be when you grow up? OMG - Usher

What do you think of when you see the person you like? Mine - Taylor Swift

What will you dance to at your wedding? Forget You - Ce Lo Green (lets hope not, lol)

What will they play at your funeral? Summer Girl - Leighton Meester

What is your hobby/interest? Only Girl - Rihanna

What is your biggest fear? Fix You - Coldplay

What is your biggest secret? Grenade - Bruno Mars

What do you think of your friends? We R  Who We R - Ke$ha

Some of the answers are SO funny and ironic :) This isn't a tag, but I still want you guys to do it and if you do put the link in the comments so I can read it :) Hope you have a great night (I am going back to studying, booorrrriiinnnngggg x10000000). Byee!

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