Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Halloween: Mad Hatter Costume & Makeup

The Mad Hatter "Have I gone mad?" Alice "I am afraid so, your entirely bonkers. But I will tell you a secret. All the best people are."

Today I am going to be doing a Mad Hatter Halloween tutorial! It is based on the Disney movie with Johnny Depp. I am pretty excited for this one because the mad hatter has always been my favourite character in Alice In Wonderland! 

You can use a lot of things around your house for this (like seeking into your Dad's closet), or go to your local thrift store. I suggest finding a really fun printed scarf and tying it into a bow for a bow tie (if you don't know how to tie a bow tie I suggest googling it). The two key components to this costume is the coat and the hat (of course!). If you find a basic top hat tie some ribbon around it and put a piece of paper on it that says: 10/6. Go crazy with this costume, you are mad of course! Go nuts with the colours, try suspenders, have a scarf coming out of your pocket. You can wear a dress or pants and a blouse.You can always carry around a cup of tea as well :) Also try looking at local Halloween stores for the actual costume, because finding the parts to it might be hard! 

Here is the makeup your trying to re-create. 

Start off with some white face paint. You can probably find some from any local Halloween store. 
Next add so bush but apply it so it shows off your check bones. 

There are a lot of blue and pinky red eye shadows. Apply any blue eye shadow to your lid and up to your brow. Then apply a pink to half of your bottom lid and add a darker shade in the middle and a grey on the outer. The blend it out with a blending blush. It looks like he is wearing a white mascara, but sadly that can be hard to find! Instead try some white eyeliner. Then add your favourite mascara. You can find some mad hatter eye brows at a Halloween store. I thought they were the coolest thing ever! 

I would suggest a rose red lipstick. I suggest Girl About Town from Mac or a colour like that. 

So that is my Mad Hatter Halloween tutorial. If you want to see any other Halloween tutorials let me know. I am going to be doing a Minnie Mouse Halloween tutorial this weekend :) I just have to finish it the costume! 

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