Friday, October 7, 2011

TGIF: Cookie Love

Happy Friday Everyone! So today I am going to do a blog post about my all time favourite cookies! 
They are Pillsbury cookies Ready To Bake! So for halloween they have the ghosts (above) and pumpkins. They only come out during holidays so it is always special little treat! 

Okay, wanna hear a funny story with these cookies? I was making them and it says to place them on a ungreased cookie sheet. So I took it as put parsnip paper on the pan and put the cookies on that so they don't stick. I thought that wax paper and parsnip paper were the same thing. So I put the wax paper in the oven and left it. Then I heard the smoke detector going off. So I went to it and made it stop beeping (like fanning it so the smoke goes away from it). The only thing was, I did not know where the smoke would be coming from because the cookies were only in the oven for 2 minutes. I looked at the oven and their was smoke coming up from the elements! I was like OMGHHKP FIRE! I opened the oven door and a bunch of smoke came out, but luckily the paper didn't catch of fire, it was just smoking. So I left it in the oven and turned off the heat. When it was cooled I took out the cookies and they were ruined :'( But thank goodness the smoke detector went off or I would have never knew what was going to happen. So moral of the story: Do not put wax paper in the oven!

Anyway, I love these cookies! They can be great bake for your class for a yummy treat :) 

I hope everyone has a great weekend (it is thanksgiving for me! whoooo!). I also want to start the Halloween posts this weekend so if you want to see any specific Halloween tutorials put them in the comments! Also, I might do a makeup collection video this weekend if I get over this cold so cross your fingers!! So, yeah that's about it :) TTYL! 

Have you tried these cookies? 
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