Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How To Wear Crop Tops In The Fall/Winter!

After rocking your crop tops all summer, what do you do with it when the cold weather comes around? Here are some tips of how to wear it in the fall/winter! :)

1. Add a tank top. This might depend on the crop top and what you like best. If it is a top the goes under your bellybutton I think putting a tank top under it is a good call! You can also get tank tops that are flowy and having a crop top over it will give it a completely different look! 

2. Wear it over a dress. This is such a cute way to wear it! Also try to wear it with a skirt. To make it more 
warmer put on a denim jacket! 

3.  A high wasted skirt or jeans. Either one will keep your outfit looking cute! 

Here is a DIY of how to make a crop top and how to rock them from MacBarbie07! 

Even though this video has a lot of summery ways to wear them you can add really warm tights to you dresses or shorts! But I think a lot of the looks can relate. 

If your crop top only shows a little bit of skin you might be able to get away with it. But overall the key thing to remember is..layer, layer layer! 

I hope this helps convert your summer wardrobe into winter! :) I will have the Minnie Mouse tutorial hopefully up by tomorrow (fingers crossed!). So, I will talk to you then! :D 

How will you being wearing your crop tops this fall/winter? 
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