Saturday, October 22, 2011

How To: Halloween-ify Your Nail's

Hey Everyone! 
Halloween is a week and a few days away so what better way to show your Halloween spirit then to have spooky nails! I put this post into two catigories: if you are good at painting your nails and if you are bad.

If You Are Talented With Nail Polish...
If you are good at painting your nails then check out some of these cool ideas :) 
Tip: use nail art pens or a toothpick to get the perfect design.

Candy Corn
The colours of nail polish you need for this look is:
- white
- yellow 
- orange
To make your nails look like yummy candy corn you are going to want to paint three strips of colour. Start off with the bottom strip and paint it yellow, let it dry. After it is dry paint the next one orange. Then after that is dry paint the tip of your nail white. Letting the polish dry before starting a new one will make it less likely to mix the colours and mess up. 

The colours of nail polish you will need for this look is:
- orange
- black 
Also for this you will need a toothpick or a back nail art pen. 
Paint all of your nails orange. When it drys add two eyes and a mouth. To do this with normal nail polish open  it and dip the toothpick into the nail polish and draw with it. If you are using a nail art pen just do it with that :) 

Spider Webs
The colours you will need for this look is:
- white
- black 
Start off with painting your nails white. After it drys dip a toothpick into the black nail polish and draw a spider web in the corner of your nail or all over it.
You could also draw on bats or skulls using the same nail colours. 

I really like the look of these nails. 
The colours you will need are: 
- black
- orange
- glitter
So paint all of your nails black except the ring finger. Paint the ring finger orange. When it drys paint all the nails that are black with the glitter nail polish. Then using a toothpick dip it into the black nail polish and draw a spider & a web or a pumpkin on it. 

You can always look for Halloween nail inspiration online and you can paint each nail a different thing, like a pumpkin, candy corn, a bat, ect. :)

If You Are Not Good At Painting Your Nails...
 Do not fear if you are not a pro at painting your nails! There is still another way to Halloween-ify them :) You can buy Sally Hansen nail strips from the store that already have a pattern on them. Here are the different patterns:
 Pretty cute, eh? I got the ones with all the ghosts on them. 

So that is how to halloween-ify your nails :) I am going to go and put the ghost nails on now, so talk to you tomorrow! 

Are you going to halloween-ify your nails?
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