Sunday, October 2, 2011

How To: Make the Perfect Cup of Hot Chocolate

Nothing is better than on a rainy cold day than a warm blanket, a good book and a yummy cup hot chocolate! Here are some different hot cocoa recipes & toppings! :) 

Hot Chocolate

Basic Drink
For a basic drink you are going to need:
- a mug
- cocoa powder (available at most grocery shores)
- milk

This is the non-homemade version. So what you do is fill your mug with milk and put it in the microwave (for around a minute). When the milk is warm put in the powered and stir. 

From Scratch 
I have never made hot chocolate before so I got this recipe from this website

So what you are going to need is:
- chocolate block (like backers chocolate) you can also use white chocolate
- milk

Chop up your chocolate finely. On the stove heat up your milk (on a low-medium setting). Put in your finely chopped chocolate while the milk is heating up. Whisk it until the chocolate is completely mixed with the milk (if you think it is going to burn turn down the heat or remove the element). You can add cinnamon or anything else you want at this point. Pour into a mug. 

Nutella Hot Chocolate
This has a lot of the same steps as the homemade hot chocolate. I got this recipe from this site

What you are going to need:
- nutella
- 1 cup of milk 

Put 1/4 cup of the milk into a pot on low-medium heat. Add 2 or more spoons of nutella in the pot. Stir until it is all melted and blended. Pour the rest of the milk into the pot. Stir until it becomes frothy. Pour into a mug. 


You can add a lot to your hot chocolate to make it taste yummy! Here are some topping ideas:
- Marshmallows 
- Whipped Cream with Sprinkles or Cocoa Powder 
- Candy Cane
- Marshmallow cream
- Mint, Vanilla, ect. 
- Chocolate Spoons
- Cinnamon Sticks

That's how you make hot chocolate! Let me know what you know think of these recipes and if you try any of them out :) And I saw a recipe about hot chocolate cupcakes so I think I might do a blog post about them later on, how yummy would that be?! Anyway I will talk to you tomorrow! :) 
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