Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fitness: How To Start Running

running clothes

Hey Everyone! So this fall I am making a goal of running 1-3 times a week! I have never ran before and I am really excited to start! Here are some beginner running tips, I got them from Best Health Mag. I am going to start out with the outfit first then how to start running! :) 

Because it is fall I picked out clothes that would be more warm. 
First off get a pair of running shoes. When you go to the store I would suggest asking the workers what shoes are actually running shoes. This is becuase their are a lot of different shoes used for different things (like tennis, gym class, walking, ect.). Getting the right pair can help prevent injuries like a rolled ankle. 
Next I would suggest a leggings (if it is really cold) or shorts. Also get a work out sweater/hoodie or a t-shirt, again this is depending on the weather.
For extras I would suggest a headband to get your hair out of your face, an iPod, and a water bottle. Remember to drink LOTS of water when working out so you don't get dehydrated.

Ready? Set? GO!
Start out by doing a combined walk/run. By this I mean jog for one minute and then walk for a minute, keep doing this for 30 - 45min. When you feel more confident try jogging for a longer amount of time. Remember to build it up slowly. Also try jogging with a friend so you don't get bored and change up the route! Here is a really helpful article the gives you running plans by month!!
Also make some goals for yourself, like how far you run (5k, 10k, ect). 

Fun Fact: Running is the best way to burn calories (apx. 255 calories for a 30min run)

I hope you found this helpful, I know that I will be jogging this fall :) Talk to you tomorrowwww!! 
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