Sunday, January 15, 2012

Get the Look: Spencer Hastings

Hey Girls! 
The Pretty Little Liar's season has just began so I thought it would be fun to do a get the look on all four. I will try to do one once a week starting with Spencer Hastings. 
Makeup & Hair
Spencer has a very natural look. Her skin is bare and clean. I would suggest tinted mostrizer or a light foundation (like covergirl naturlux) and add blush. Her eyes are very neutral. I would suggest any champagne or light brown colours for the lid, you could also not use any shadow at all! For liner try a brown shadow or a black pencil liner (tightline and waterline). Next add your favourite mascara! For lips she usually wears a nude colour. 
Her hair is usually down and has a bit of curl to it. I would suggest getting a 1 inch curling wand and curl your hair then brush it out. Doing this will give loose wavy curls. 
I really like Spencer's style. I think my style would be a mix between her and Hanna, so I usually get a lot of inspiration from them :)
I would describe her style as preppy, she also has a vintage feel to her outfits. She usually wears dresses, blazers, oxford flats. She has a very professional look, probably because fer family expects so much from her. I put together some clothes that I could see Spencer wearing:

I hope you enjoyed this post :) Have a great morning/afternoon/evening and I will talk to you later! <3

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