Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pretty Little Liars

If you haven't watched the newest episode don't read this because I might give away what happens in it!

Hey Guys! 
Originally I was just going to add this to another post I am doing but it was getting sorta long so I decided to make it it's own blog post, lol. 
As you know Pretty Little Liars was one last night and OMG! It was a such a good episode! I loved it <3

I really want Toby and Spencer to get back together! It breaks my heart </3 I don't really understand why she isn't getting back together with him. Is it just because she doesn't want him involved with the whole A thing anymore? Remember when they got those dolls last season? Hannah got one that said break up your fathers wedding, Aria got one that said she had to get Ezra's ex-girlfriend out of town (I forgot her name...), Emily got one with an address, and Spencer got one that said you have to keep Toby safe. What I don't get is Hannah's Dad ended up getting married and Aria didn't get the girl to go out of town, so why can't Toby ans Spencer get back together? I really hope they do in next week's episode! 

Plus, I can't believe Ezra told Aria's parents they were dating!! I think it might have been a good thing. Her parents were going to figure it out eventually (even Mike seemed suspicious when they ran into him, speaking of Mike he is really cute, haha) and isn't it better to find out from them than some stranger? Hopefully they will get over it, because Aria's dad basically did the same thing. 

I also can't believe they have A's cell phone!!! OMG!! They can totally figure out who he/she is now! Also, did you notice that A hit his/her arm on the car window and broke it? Maybe A will have a bandage on their hand next episode...hmm...But we are suppose to find out who A is by the end of this season! I think it might be Lucas..idk, I just find that he would be the person to play A, you know? Who do you think A is? 

  Anyway, I can hardly wait another week for the new episode to come out! Now that the show is back on, I think I might do some inspired looks from them. Like outfits and makeup :) 

What did you think of the first episode of Pretty Little Liars? 

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