Monday, March 12, 2012

Maybelline Bouncy Blush vs. Dream Mousse Blush!

Maybelline released their newest blush awhile ago. I was curious about the difference between that and their old (now discontinued) dream mousse blush. 
I have both blushes in the same shade (10 Pink Frosting) and I am going to be comparing them on pigmentation, application, and packaging!
I was looking online and saw that people found the dream mousse blush more pigmented. I found the complete opposite! The mousse blush was more sheer and the bouncy blush had more colour to it. The Mousse blush also had a lot more shimmer than the bouncy blush. 
I find both of the blush apply the same. I couldn't find any major difference between them. Except the mousse blush was more creamy.
I LOVE the entire concept of bouncy blush it is so cool! It is actually bounces when you touch it! I also like how it is more compact than the mousse blush that way you can carry it with you or fit it in your collection a lot easier.

Overall, I like bouncy blush a lot better than the mousse blush.

Which one do you prefer?
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