Monday, March 5, 2012

Skincare: Sunscreen = Best Friend ♥

Hey Guys!
I am starting a new series all about skin care! It will have how to get nice skin and tips for keeping it healthy :) 
The sun is one of skins number one enemy because it can cause lines, dark spots, speed up aging and you can even get skin cancer.
You may think that sunscreen is only for spring/summer but the truth is its important all year round. 
You can wear a lower SPF in winter like 15 and a summer you can move to one with a higher rating. There are some foundations (like MAC) that has SPF in it, this can be good for the winter months because usually they don't have high ratings. 

Picking Your Sunscreen
When selecting a sunscreen pick one that protects against UVA and UVB rays. You also should buy a new sunscreen each year because it does expire. You should also wear waterproof sunscreen if your swimming or working out. Also remember the difference between sunscreen and sunblock. Sunscreen can be less protecting than a block. It is good if you are spending a small amount of time outside because it can let in some UV rays. A sunblock completely blocks all the UV rays, it is good for when your outside for a long period of time (like playing soccer, or laying on the beach). It is also a lot thicker. 

How To Apply It
You should apply sunscreen once a day (preferably in the morning) 30 minutes before you leave. When applying it to your face make sure it is clean, cool, and dry skin. Apply your makeup after you put on your sunscreen. 
Reapply sunscreen after swimming, working out, etc (even if it is waterproof!). Sunscreen is suppose to last around 2 hours.
You should use 2 tablespoons of sunscreen for your entire body. 

I hope this post was helpful and I will talk to you later! :) 
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