Friday, March 16, 2012

Get The Look: Hanna Marin

Hey Girls!
This is look 3 in my pretty little liars get the look posts! Be sure to check out  Spencer' look and Aria's look as well! :)

Makeup & Hair
I love Hanna's hair and makeup,it is so girly and I always get inspiration. 
Hanna's eyes always pop so look for shadows that will help your eyes stand out! Her eyes are also lined which can also help your eyes stand out. Hanna's lips are usually pink and have gloss. 
Her hair is usually curled but sometimes she has really pretty hairstyles. One of my favourites is the one she is wearing in the picture. It is basically braiding both sides of your bangs and clipping them in the back.
Here is a makeup tutorial I found of her look on YouTube:

Hanna is always dresses girly with a bit of edge. For example, having a girly dress and pairing it with a blazer. She also loves accessories; belts, necklaces, purses, everything! She uses them to dress up her outfits and help define her waist. Here are some clothes I could see her wearing:
Be sure to check back later for Emily's look! :)

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