Wednesday, August 31, 2011

H&M outfit! :)


So, I wasn't planing on doing another blog post. But I was playing around on polyvore and I LOVED how this outfit turned out!
This outfit is sorta a transition from summer to fall :) All the clothes are H&M because there is a new store opening in October where I live and I was just getting a feel for their clothes. Now I can't wait until it opens!! So I am going to go through this outfit.
The top is a plain white blouse. I like this one because it is short in the front and longer in the bottom. I would put this with high wasted shorts but you can put normal shorts as well. I like the faded shorts instead of dark. And when it becomes more cold you can put tights under the shorts, I think a basic black or a pattern ones would look best. I then matched the shoes and the bag. I love these sandals and the tote is good for school! Also instead of sandals you can get low rise booties and they are sooo cute :) I also added a black loop scarf because it does get a bit cold in the fall and this can keep you warm. For jewelry I put a bunch of gold bracelets (and one has a clock! how cool!) and some chunky rings with some colour. I then added a stack of silver rings because putting  silver and gold jewelry together are in this fall! And I think its cute :P I then added a simple key necklace. Now for makeup, I used Nars for everything :P. First is the lip gloss and it is in turkish delight. I then added pink blush and a brown eye shadow duo.
So that's my outfit :) The link to my polyvore is here. And if you have a polyvore account put the link in the comments so I can go follow!! Talk to you tomorrow! :) 

Bon Appetit - breakfast ideas! :)

Today I am going to do a post about what to have for breakfast! Everyone knows breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it gives you lots of energy. These are just so healthy ideas to have in the morning. I am going to go by the days of the week. So on Saturday and Sunday you will have more complicated breakfasts and it will take more time then on the weekday when time isn't always on your side. 

Sunday - yummy french toast 
to make 2 slices of french toast here is what you will need:
- 1 egg
- 2 pieces of bread (I prefer whole wheat but you can use whatever kind you want) 
- cinnamon to taste
- 1/2 tsp of vanilla extract 
- Pam or any non-stick spray
- milk (you can use nonfat skim milk as an alternative to the normal milk)  
- frozen or fresh fruit
- maple syrup 
- icing sugar 
1) Heat up your frying pan and put the non-stick spray on it. I suggest having it at medium heat.
2) Whisk your egg, vanilla extract, cinnamon and milk (use your judgement, I like to have it when it like to have mine looking foamy). Soak your bread in the mixture.
3) Put your bread on the frying pan. Cook until it is golden brown on each side. 
4) When it is cooking, microwave your frozen berries for a few seconds. 
5) Put your french toast on a plate. Put the berries on top with maple syrup and some icing sugar. 
If you have a lot of extra egg mixture you can just cook them up like scrambled eggs and have it as a side to your french toast! 
Monday - Oatmeal and Berries! 
- instant oatmeal (I like the maple and brown sugar one, but you can always get original and add brown sugar)
- frozen berries
1) Cook your oatmeal as directed on the package.
2) When it is cooking (or after) microwave your berries 
3) Put it on top! Now you have a filling and healthy breakfast :)
Tuesday - English Muffin
- whole wheat english muffin 
- cream cheese or jam or peanut butter
1) Toast your english muffin
2) Put your favourite spread! Like peanut butter and jam, or just jam or cream cheese.
Wednesday - Scrambled egg whites and toast 
- 1 egg
- 2 egg whites (you can google how to crack and egg to just get the egg whites, it just takes practice!) 
- salt and pepper
- 2 slices of bread (whatever kind you prefer)
- fruit (like grapes or something)
1) Heat up your frying pan on medium heat 
2) Whip your egg and egg whites together, add salt and pepper to taste 
3) Put it on the frying pan a scramble it 
4) Cook your toast, when it pops put butter or jam 
5) Put your scrambled egg whites on your plate with toast and side of fruit! 
Thursday - Yogurt, granola and fruit!
- Yogurt (I like vanilla the best, but you can use whatever kind you want)
- Granola 
- Fruit (like strawberry, blueberry, ect.)
Mix your yogurt, fruit and granola together! 
Friday - A tasty treat! 
- your favourite cereal (like lucky charms or you can have a healthy cereal)
- milk (you can have skim milk as an alternative)
- a piece of fruit (like an apple)
Put the cereal in a bowl with the milk (complicated stuff) and have the piece of fruit on the side 
Saturday - Pancakes and turkey bacon! 
- pancake mix, or how ever you make pancakes at home
- fruit (if you want blueberries in your pancake or as a topping)
- turkey bacon 
1) heat up your frying pan & add your turkey bacon (I suggest medium heat)
2) Cook it for 10 min on each side, or until or however you like it (crispy or not). The package might also have cooking times. 
3) Once it is cooked put it in the oven on low, this will just keep it warm when cooking your pancakes 
4) Mix your pancake batter and add blueberries if you want.
5) Heat up your frying pan and add cooking spray to it (on medium heat)
6) When pancake starts to bubble a lot on the one side flip it, and then wait until it is golden brown. 
7) Put pancakes and turkey bacon on a plate and add fruit if you want and maple syrup 

So those are my breakfast recipes for the week. I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if you tried any of these out! :) Talk to you later! (and bon appetit)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


So this is a quick post to say hi to everyone! Hi :) I am sooo happy I am almost at 20 followers! I never thought I would get to that many so fast! Love you & thank you sooo much!<333 Also I just changed the look of my blog! Please let me know if you like the way it looks now or if you liked it better before. I am also putting up a post tomorrow either about muffins or breakfast ideas and the look book will be up very soon!! So yeah, this was just a quick post saying hi, and if you have any requests for future posts please put them in the comments :) talk to you tomorrow!

DIY: Sea Salt Spray :)

This is a DIY (do it yourself) on how to make sea salt spray. This can be a useful product when wanting to give your hair a beachy look. Just spray and scrunch! :) It is a good to make your own spray instead of buying one at the store & you will save money! 

What you are going to need!
> a spray bottle (I had a really hard time finding one, but I ended up getting it at Walmart)
> sea salt
> conditioner
> hair gel
> water

The salt measurements go buy how much water you put into it. So for 8 oz. of water put in 1 tsp of sea salt. 

How to make it!
1) Get your spray bottle and put in 8oz. of water.
2) Put in 1 tsp of sea salt
3) Put in a quarter size of conditioner. Salt can dry out your hair so by putting in some conditioner is will make it softer and not as dry.
4) If you want you can add a little bit of hair gel. Doing this will just add extra hold.
5) Shake it up!

To make your hair look like you just had a trip to the beach, brush it out, spray the sea salt spray and scrunch it to your liking!

Mary Kate always has that perfect beach look! 

Monday, August 29, 2011

when is it time to say goodbye?

As with mostly everything in the world makeup doesn't last forever. It is good to know if you can keep your makeup or if it should be sent to the garbage can. I am going to go through each product and how long it lasts.

This product has the shortest life. This is because you use it on directly on your eye and it goes right into the tube. Also if you have an eye infection (like pink eye) throw it out right away. Mascara lasts for 3 months.
Liquid Foundation:
Liquid foundation should be thrown out sooner if it has a wide opening because it is exposed to the air more. Also throw it out if the smell has changed, it becomes thicker and if it settles. Most liquid foundation lasts for 3-6 months.
Eye Shadows, Powder, Blush
This lasts for 1 year.
It will last for 6-8 months.
Lip Gloss & Lip Sticks
This can last for 1 year.
Eye/Lip Pencils
You should sharpen your pencil every week to get rid of the bacteria and so it doesn't get transferred to your eye. Remember it dries up it has gone bad. It should last 1 year.
Brushes & Sponges 
Wash your brushes once a month. I am going to do a post about how to take care for your brushes later on. Replace your sponges every month or when it rips.

> if any of your makeup starts to smell bad toss it out
> wash your hands before touching your makeup so you don't get bacteria in it
> never share your makeup

I hope you found this post useful! If you have any requests for posts please put them in the comments and I hope you are having a great day :)

information from:

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back to School - Yummy School Lunches! :)

We all know that buying school lunches at school are not the healthiest thing. Luckily you can always pack it and make it as healthy as you want! :) 

Apple & Peanut Butter Sandwich! 

what you are gonna need: 
- bread/bagels (you can use whatever kind of bread you want, like raisin cinnamon) 
- peanut butter 
- an apple

So toast your bread/bagel in the morning. When that is toasting cut up your apple into slices. When the toast pops up put peanut butter on it. When you are finished with that add the apples and put the toast on top of that. And now you have a peanut butter and apple sandwich! 
*you can also just put banana's on your sandwich instead of apples, and add a dash of cinnamon for extra flavour!

Fresh Fruit Kabob with Peanut Butter

what you are gonna need
- your favourite fruit (like apples, strawberries, grapes, melons) 
- peanut butter
- kabob sticks 

Cut up your favourtie fruit into bite size pieces. Add them onto your kabob stick. I suggest making 2 fruit sticks. Finally put peanut butter in a container and you can dip away :) 

A Pizza Sandwich!

what are you gonna need:
- bread (I suggest buns that you can get at any grocery store in the bread department)
- pizza sauce 
- cheese (mozzarella) 
- pepperoni or anything that you would put on a pizza

Take your bread and cut it in half. Then add the pizza sauce and pepperoni and cheese. And the other piece of bread on top and you have a yummy pizza sandwich. 

Dip & Pitas 

what you are going to need:
- hummus or spinach dip
- pitas 
- carrots or other vegetables 

This is a simple meal if you are running late in the morning! You can make your own or buy hummus or spinach dip in the grocery store (but it is always better to make it yourself because you will know what goes into it!). Take your pitas and cut them into little triangles or you can get mini pitas and you don't have to cut them at all! Add some carrot sticks and other vegetables you like as well :) 

Turkey Wrap! 

what you are gonna to need: 
- tortilla wrap
- cream cheese 
- salsa 
- turkey slices 
- lettuce 

Take your wrap and spread your cream cheese all over it. Then add the salsa. When your done that put the turkey slices on it and add the lettuce. Roll it up and cut it in half and now you have a yummy wrap! :) 
Idea from here

What to put with your lunches! 
For sides you can have crackers like goldfish, bagel crisps, or pretzels. You can also add some fruit like watermelon. If you want some sweets which is totally fine, have 2 cookies or a brownie.  
For drinks you can have juice, water or milk. 

If you tried out any of these lunches let me know! :) And if you want me to do some cooking posts, like different kinds of muffins or breakfast ideas let me know in the comments!! And I will talk to you tomorrow :) 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Get Your Freak On: 15 Questions Tag!

So this is just a tag going around YouTube and I thought it would be fun to do and a way to get to know me! 
#1. What's a nickname only your family calls you?
My family doesn't have a nickname for me. I sorta wish they did, I always wanted a nickname...
#2. What's a weird habit of yours?
I always check my phone even though I know I don't have any messages.
#3. Do you have any weird phobias?
I have a lot of phobias, but I am afraid of seals. Like I wouldn't scream if I saw one, just looking at 
them freaks me out. Their face reminds me of spiders (i am terrified of spiders). Your probably thinking, how on earth does a spider remind you of a seal. Well, I will tell you. You know how spider eyes are just black and are circles and close together (i know they have 6 eyes, but the 2 giant ones) they look like seal eyes. Just compare the two sometime and you will know what I am talking about.
#4. What's a song you secretly love to blast and belt out when you're alone?
Any Justin Bieber song. I love to sing and dance to them :) I am so excited for his song with Taylor Swift! AHH!
#5. What's one of your biggest pet peeves?
Hearing people chew. I didn't really notice it if I am eating the same time as someone else. But if they are eating alone I can not stand the sound. Also when people try to colour with dead markers and all you can hear is squeaking.
#6. What's one of your nervous habits?
When I am publicly specking (like during a school presentation) I say like a billion times and I talk reallllyy fast! I have to work on it because I always get bad marks.
#7. What side of the bed do you sleep on?
It doesn't matter what side of the bed I am on, but I like sleeping on my left side.
#8. What was your first stuffed animal and it's name?
I got a lot of stuff animals when I was a kid, I don't remember the first one. But I have this cat one that I got when I was 4 and it looked just like my cat Dewey. So I had to sleep with it each night and I still have it now. It's name was Dewey Jr. but most of the time I just called it Kitty.
#9. What's the drink you always order at starbucks?
A strawberry and creme frappuccino or a strawberry blended lemonade in the summer. In the winter a mocha and I try the different holiday drinks.
#10. What's a beauty rule you preach, but never actually practice?
Idk about this one, I can't think of a beauty rule I preach but don't practice.
#11. Which way do you face in the shower?
If I am washing my hair my back is to the water and if I am washing my face I face towards it. This is a weird question..
#12. Do you have any 'weird' body 'skills'?
I am double jointed on my fingers.
#13. What's your favorite comfort food thats 'bad' but you love to eat it anyways?
I love to eat mr.noodles! But it is really bad for you so I don't eat it often. I am trying to make my own noodles so I am looking for recipes!
#14. What's a phrase or exclamation you always say?
When I am texting I like to say OMGHHKP - stole it from Blair, haha
I can't think of a phrase I use when I am talking, hmm...
#15. Time to sleep, what are you actually wearing?
I am wearing shorts from Hatley and they have cute little animals on them and a basic t-shirt or sweater if it is cold in my room.

I tag YOU! So pleaseee do this tag and give me the ulr to your blog in the comments so I can go read it! :)

no heat waves - back to school

I am putting the no heat wave tutorial under back to school because it is a fast hairstyle to do in the morning. It also gives your hair lots of body and volume. So lets get into the tutorial!

Before you go to bed...
step one
Bush your hair out and separate it into 4 even parts. Like have two parts in the back and two in the front.
step two
Now braid each part. You can clip the hair you are not using up so it doesn't get in the way. So this is what your hair should look like when you are done braiding. Doing 4 braids will make it have more wave and volume vs doing 2. Haha, don't judge the picture, you will look silly but luckily no one will see you.

step three
sleep :) easy step, eh?
Rise and Shine!!
step four
Just undo the braids and you can brush it out a bit. But brushing it will make the hair more poofy/frizzy so I don't like to do that. You can just hair spray it for extra hold and that is the end result! 

So that's all, as you can see it doesn't take much time or energy to do.You can also do different things with your bangs (like twist them or braid them).I can do a beachy wave tutorial using hair products if you guys want, it looks a bit different then this one. And I figured out what was wrong with the comments except now I have to approve them and I don't get why, but comment and I will automatically accept them :) Plus this week pinkbeautylove and I are making a fall look book! So expect that soon, I am really excited for it! That's it and I will talk to you tomorrow! 

Friday, August 26, 2011

Back to School - How to Keep your Locker Clean & Make it Yours :)

Lockers are your place for the school year. You talk to your friends by it and have all you stuff in it. Sadly not all lockers are very pretty but there are some ways of taking it from bland to glam :)

what to keep in your locker
this is just a list of what I keep in my locker, we will get to the decorations later!
> my binders for the next class (I have 2, my morning classes and afternoon)
> textbooks
> gym clothes (if you have gym)
> coat/sweater

keep it clean!
This can be one of the most important things for a pretty locker. Keeping it clean can be hard, I know. I had the messiest locker last year, but I got it cleaner as the school year came to a close. My locker got really messy because I would always bring stuff to school but never bring it back home. For example if it was raining in the morning I would bring a coat and then in the afternoon it wouldn't be raining anymore so I would just leave it in my locker. But I have learned my lesson and thought up some ideas so this doesn't happen again. A quick tip is if you locker can't close or you have to push it to close it, it's time to clean it out!
So I would suggest getting locker shelves. Mine are purple because I love purple. And my locker also comes with a shelf on the top and then some coat hooks. The more shelves you have the easier it will be to organize! So on the bottom of my locker I will put my shoes because the bottom is always gross :P Then if I have gym I would put my clothes above that. And then my binders for next period (so they are right there and I don't have to get on my tip toes to reach it, lol). So then I put my coat/sweater on the hooks and I don't put my backpack on it because I'd rather have it with me. On the top shelf I will have all my text books. So that's my basic layout of my locker.

ways to make it pretty! 
So a locker should be a place to express yourself! I love how in pretty little liars each one of their lockers reflects on their personality (like Emily always has the latest swim meets hanging up). I suggest getting locker wallpaper. I think they are just giant magnets that can make your locker looking cool. If you don't want your locker wallpapered add a bunch of pictures. Have pictures of your friends, or magazine pictures and put them on you locker with cute magnets. I am going to do a tutorial of magnets that you can make yourself :) Also add a mirror and you can have containers to hold your pencils. And get a white board! You can leave little reminders for yourself and your friends can write messages on them. You can add whatever you want to your locker its like a empty canvas waiting for you paint it :) (like my metaphor? haha)

Anyways that is it for today! Let me know what you have to have in your locker in the comments! And I have a no-heat waves tutorial tomorrow! I have to work on it the night before so that is why it is not up today, so yeah, that's it :) talk to you tomorrow!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

back to school - a very simple yet cute outfit! :)

So today I went on (add me, im kayleelyford) and created a simple back to school look! These are so much fun to make!
simple back to school look!

simple back to school look! by kayleelyford 

What clothes did I pick? 
I centered this look around the top. It is from hollister and I really like it! It is lace and cloth and its stripped, really cute <3
I then added black jeggings from american eagle. I love these pants and I think it goes with the top really well!
I put Tom shoes with it because I wanted a basic black shoe, but still be warm enough for fall (I live in Canada and it can get cold!)
I added a simple bracelet to the look, I find it doesn't make the outfit busy. This bracelet is from forever 21. 
I could not pick a tote for this outfit! I love both. The black one is the Longchamp and I love these bags, a lot. I picked black because it can match all my outfits. The other bag is from coach, it is also really cute. 
For makeup I have just brown eye shadow from MAC. And some pink lip gloss (also from MAC).  
For nails I have a really light pink, I am not sure the name of this colour but any light pink would do (this is by OPI). 

Back to School - Study Tips

Hey everyone! So I am not feeling that good today and it sorta ruins what I was going to do on this blog, but maybe I can just move it to tomorrow if I am feeling better :)

Homework can always stress you out. Sometimes it just feels like you have more work then you can possibly get done in one night. Well here are my tips and tricks of making homework less stressful and getting it done on time! 
Where you are can make a big difference of how focused you are in your work. If you are sitting in a noisy  room or in the den with the TV on you probably won't focus. Go into your bedroom or the library and plug in your iPod and listen to some music! You can check out my playlist here
This probably sounds silly, but it helps me a lot. When I feel like I have a million different project due the next day (cause I tend to leave things to the last minute, but DON'T it is very stressful and I am making it a goal NOT to do that this year) making a list of what I have to do helps a lot. So write down: English, Math, Science and then put times like an hour for each thing or until its done if its a project. When you finish something scratch it off your list and it feels like your making progress! (woohoo!) 
So the teacher gives you a project that's do in two weeks and your like I have tons of time. And then a week goes by and your like, oh still tons of time. And suddenly its the night before it is due....DON'T DO THIS! Okay this is probably the worst thing to do. Because when you end up doing the project your tired and you don't do a great job on it. Plan out what you are going to do. (I would suggest getting a notebook with all this homework planing, it can be your to-do book) So write down what you are going to do each week. For example your first week can be writing out a rough draft of your English essay. Then the next week edit it, write it out again and have someone look at it. And then write out your final copy and hand it in! Hardly any stress plus you have it in on time or done before it is due! In my agenda I always write a week before it is due : DUE  IN A WEEK. It is better to have that then just write when it is due because you can forget about it and that week see it there and being "oh snap!". 
I will go more in depth about this near exam time. But when studying for a test just go through your notes and highlight what you think is important, also try to re-do some of your homework. It is always good to start studying 2 weeks before a test than the night before. If you have ever waited to the night before you know how crazy stressful it is! Also when you finish a test put in a folder so you know where it is come exam time! Some do's and don'ts for when your studying is: Don't study on your bed, you won't take in any information and your brain knows your bed is where you sleep and it can make you more tired and less focused. Do take lots of breaks, every 20minutes go watch some TV or go on facebook/twitter for around 10min. During this time your brain will take in everything you just studied. Do make a nice study area, like add cute pens to your desk :) Don't have your laptop open with facebook and twitter beside you, it can be a major distraction! 
These are just some snack ideas for when you studying. It can give you energy when your trying to focus on something :)
- carrots/pita chips and hummus 
- apple and peanut butter or apple wrapped in turkey slices 
- granola bar
- fruit salad 
- frozen yogurt 
- bagel pizzas 
- homemade cookies (may not be the healthiest but it is yummy :P)
- cream cheese and crackers 
- trail mix
- water/coffee if you think it is going to be a loooong night 
So sometimes teachers give you a lot of homework questions (especially math) and you sit and wonder, do they not think I have any other classes? Well this is what I do when I have a ton of homework! So I make a time limit of each course. So experts say a maximum of 1 hour to 2 hours on each set of homework. So if it goes over that time limit I would stop. Also with math they give you a question that has a billion different parts to it (like a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,ect) I would do every other one if I have a lot of problems like this. Or if I am understanding it do four of the last ones because the last ones because they are always the hardest. If you can't understand a problem I would ask someone and if they don't get it star it and ask your teacher the next day. 

Those are all my studying tips :) I hope you find them useful and I am planing on doing no heat waves tomorrow if I am feeling better. So talk to you guys tomorrow! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back to School Playlist!

So the school year is is starting up in a few weeks. Sadly you are going to have to say goodbye to laying by the beach and hello to piles of homework! Good thing you can always listen to music and get in a good mood and also do the impossible...make homework more enjoyable! I find the listening to music makes me more focused and not paying attention to whats going on around me. So try to pick songs that are fun and have a good beat, but don't get to distracted!

songs on my playlist :)

-"Goodlife" - OneRepublic 

-"Set Fire to Rain" - Adele

-"Second Go" - Lights

-"Dynamite" - Taio Cruz 

-"Animal" - Neon Trees 

-"Misery" - Maroon 5

-"Stop and Stare" - OneRepublic

-"Another One Bites the Dust" - Queen 

These are of course not all the songs on my playlist but a few :) I would suggest putting songs you love to listen too! My playlist is always going to change when I find new songs I like. I am currently still building mine, if you have and suggestions of songs put them in the comments! And take a listen to the songs below. Also expect more back to school posts. I will post one each day for a week. So talk to you tomorrow and I hope you enjoy these songs!!

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hair & Makeup Trends for Fall 2011!

So, with fall around the corner (gonna miss summer). I thought doing hair and makeup trends would be a good idea! Lets start with makeup and then move into hair!

Big thick lashes are in for fall! They are called spider lashes because they are suppose to look like spider legs (a bit creepy) . To get this look just apply your favourite mascara like normal, now take the mascara and close your lid and go down and up (like from your lid to the end of your lashes). Doing this gives your lashes a spider look. 

Metallic eye shadows are in! To get this look take a silver eye shadow and put it all over you lid, how easy is that! :)

Red lips are one of the lip colours that are in this year! Rock this look by applying a red lip liner and some red lipstick, or just the lipstick if you are running late! :) (also try adding some gloss) 

Taylor Swift always knows how to pull off a red lip!

I am so happy pastel lips are in this fall! It is a great colour to wear to school and you can also use the lipstick as a blush. 

Braids are very popular this fall. From a basic braid to a waterfall braid they are easy to dress up and down! I am planing on doing a bunch of tutorials on doing different braids and different looks with them so keep checking my blog out to see when it is posted! :) 

Messy buns are in for fall, and I love this look! But it can be hard to master. I would suggest making your hair wavy first or loosely curling it and twisting it into a bun. 
Waves are also in this upcoming season! I will also have some tutorials up on how to get this look.

So thats all and I hope you enjoyed this post, comment below and let my know what your favourite fall trend is! And I will talk to you guys tomorrow! :) 

twitter update! help me get to 400 followers??

This isn't my beauty post of the day, don't worry! haha, I'm trying to think of something creative but it will be up before midnight! I just wanted to ask you guys if you could PLEASE follow my twitter? I am 50 followers away from 400 and every time I get a new follower I do a happy dance (no joke). It would mean a lot if you could follow me :) AND I always follow back! Like right away! You don't even have to ask. Anyway my twitter name is @peacelovekayy and the link is!/peacelovekayy I also tweet when a new post goes up. Alsooooo it would be great if you could nominate me for the beauty blog awards! The link is over on the side bar (it says nominate me for the winter 2011 beauty blog awards). So that's everything! And comment below on what blogs you are interested in reading and I will put them up for you! Have a nice afternoon and I will talk to you later on today! :) xoxo

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Ever wonder what it would be like to be interviewed by Teen Vogue??!! well, here is your chance! :D
I was bored and flipping through the August Issue and saw the Taylor Swift article and the most importantly saw the Taylor-made Q&A. I was thinking, those questions sorta fit me, why not make a tag? p.s when doing this don't be so serious, have some fun with it! I do not own these questions, they are directly from teen vogue! No copy write intended!  

1. Your relationships with your close girlfriends are inspiring and seem very important to you. How do you make time to see them when you're so busy with your superstar schedule? 
Well, my life is just so jammed packed becasue I am just soooo famous, Its hard to find time from school, sports and my job! We always find time that will work with both of us, because no matter what friendship comes first :)
2. If you could have dinner with any character from a movie, book or TV show, who would you choose and why? 
There is so many choices its hard to pick! Probably Kendall Jenner from the Kardashians. I love that show so much, and I find that we are sorta similar because we have the same interests. I think we could be really good friends :P 
3. What are the top three songs that are inspiring you right now?
"Skyscraper" By Demi Lovato but I only like Luke Conard's cover. If you wanna hear it click the music bar below :) "Long Live" Taylor Swift. I love this song and I always go back to it! "Alligator Sky" Owl City. This song might not be inspiring but I like it :) 
4. What are your pop-culture guilty pleasures?
Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Big Brother. I also love watching beauty videos on YouTube :)
5. Do you ever get nervous before performing? How do you deal with it?
Well I do have dance recitals so this question sorta applies to me :) I get SUPER nervous. I sorta deal with it by jumping around and going ahhh! 
6. Describe your favourite dress you've ever worn.
My favourite dress I have ever worn I like a navy sun dress, it has flowers all over it :) 

So that is all the questions! And I tag pinkbeautylove and you! Plus if you do this tag put a link in the comments so I can read it :) Talk to you later! <3

Easy School Makeup! + Update

If you like to get up at the last minute and still look put together this look is for you! This can take up to 10 minutes or less (depending how fast you go). I like to get as much sleep as I can in so I use this practically everyday!

Step One:
Make sure your face is washed!

Step Two:
Put on your foundation, I like to use Covergirl Natureluxe Foundation. I find that it is easy and fast to blend in.

Step Three:
Concealer! I dont always use this step becasue the foundation might be engouh to cover all of my blemishes, but if you still have some reddness or anything put some on! (you could also do this before the foundation). I use Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer.

Step Four:
Then put on some blush :) I use Covergirl in the shade cheekers (haha, cute name huh? like checkers but for you cheeks! you probably understood the joke awhile ago...)

Step Five (if you have extra time! If I am really running late I skip this entire step!)
Put on some eye shadow! I would just swipe on the middle colour of covergirls shimmering sands (like a light brown) and if you have time put the darker shade in the outer lid and the light on in the tear ducts and brow bone. Or use Revlon creme shawdows in Not Just Nudes. I like to use the champange colour (the one next to the light one) and this is a really fast way to get some colour to your lids! (I might do a tutorial on how to a basic eye with these)

covergirl shimmering sands 

Step Six (also if you have time!) 
Eyeliner! I recently fell head over heels for Avon's glimmersticks in black!

Step Seven
Put on your favourite mascara! Use waterproof if you have a gym class or its raining/snowing out!

Step Eight 
Use your favourite lip product!

And now your go to go and on time for your school bus! #skills

So I am back from the wedding! It was super fun :) I didn't get much pictures on my camera of my dress but I could still do what I wore if you want! In other news (haha) Pinkbeautylove (Martha) and I are doing a fall lookbook for all of you! We are not sure how it is going to be done and all the details yet, but watch for I!! I am super excited for it :) Anyway thats alllllll and I will talk to you guys later :) bye! 

Friday, August 19, 2011

TAG :) back to school

Hi everyone! I was tagged by pinkbeautylove to do this post (click here to go to her blog). So here we gooooo :) 

1. What grade are you going into? (or what year of college are you going into?
I'm am going into grade 12! Isn't that crazy?? Next year university!! :O
2. What are you excited and/or nervous for this year?
I am so excited, but nervous at the same time. I'm excited for my actual classes and sports I am going to be doing. But I am super nervous for applying to universities and getting the marks I need. Also not knowing what I am going into is a bit stressful!
3. What's your favorite part of getting ready for back to school?
Shopping (duh!) I love buying new clothes and also I love buying school supplies.
4. What grade were you in when you first started wearing makeup to school?
I was in Grade 8 :)
5. Where or from whom do you like getting inspiration for back to school trends & styles?
I like getting inspiration trends from fashion magazines and Seventeen and Teen Vogue. Also MacBarbie07 has some fun fall style videos and I love watching those!
6. What are your favorite upcoming "back to school"/fall trends for this year?
I love allll the denim! (like jackets and shirts) also I am liking all the boho trends, and idk I just like all the trends this fall :)
7. Where do you like to go shopping for back to school supplies?
8. What are your favorite stores to go back to school shopping?
hmm..well I will probably go to american eagle, garage, urban outfitters and urban trade :)
9. Will you be carrying a backpack or a purse to school this year? Which do you prefer?
Backpack :) And I prefer a backpack because it can fit all my binders.
10. What are 3 non-beauty essentials you HAVE to carry in your backpack/purse?
Cell phone, iPod, and my wallet :)
11. What are 3 beauty essentials that you HAVE to carry in you backpack/purse?
LIP GLOSS!!!! haha, always need my lip gloss. Um, I am carrying everything that is in my school makeup bag :) If you wanna know what its in click here :)
12. What are your go-to hair products for this year, and what is your go to hair style?
I recently fell in love with herbal essences tousle me softly tousling spray gel! ;) It smells sooo yummy! <3 My hair style will be probably be straight :P
13. What are your go-to makeup products for this year and what is your go-to makeup look for school?
I love the covergirl natureluxe foundation, its the best eva! And I will be having my makeup look in a blog post coming up soon!
14. What are your go-to clothing items for back to school, and what accessories to you plan to rock this year?
Probably a jean jacket. This is because it can make a dress or any t-shirt look completely different and cute! And for accessories I change it up everyday, I really like chunky bracelets and long necklaces :)
15. Who do you tag?!
hmm...I tag...YOU! haha! I really want you guys to do this tag! So if you do put the link to your blog in the comments so I can go read it.

Thanks for reading and I will talk to you guys on Sunday! have a lovely weekend <3

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Purple Smokey Eyes Tutorial

As you guys know I am going to a wedding on Saturday and my outfit is a combo of purple and silver. So I thought doing a purple/silver smokey eye would be perfect! The finished look is down below so check it out! This is how to get the look :)

Above are all the eye shadows I will be using (plus a black). This is from Avon and it is the true colour eye shadow quad in purple haze. You can get Avon online or from people around you that sells it, my mom sold it so I have a few of their products laying around and was so happy when I can across this because I totally forgot I owned it! So onto the look!


*These are the brushes I am using, the ones to the left are from Posh and the are the concealer duo (you can just use any brush that's 1cm wide and then 1/2 cm wide. The ones to the right are ones I just found laying around. I don't remember the brand. One is a short fluffy brush (I will be using this for blending, because as you see the MAC blending brush is on my wish list) and the white one is just a slanted eye liner one,  I am using it to apply shadow under my eye*

1. Take eye primer (or concealer what I am using, there will be a picture of it below) and put it all over your lid, brow and under your eye. This will just help the eye shadow stay on.

2. Using the Posh 1cm wide brush (best I could explain, haha) Take the brightest purple (top to the right) and put it on the first inner half of your lid. (from your tear duct to the middle of your lid).

3. Using the same brush, flip it over and put the colour named amethyst (the dark purple) and put it beside the bright purple but NOT over the rest of your lid. Just to have the colour in the middle.

4. Using a clean eye shadow brush (1cm wide) or the same one, just make sure the purple powder is off. Fill in the rest of  your lid with the colour black ice (the dark grey), I also brought this colour into the crease half way, but that is just because I want a darker look.

5. Then take the smaller eye shadow brush (1/2 cm) and use a black eye shadow and put a little dot on the outer of your eye.

6. Take a blending brush and blend all the colours so it seems seamless, but do mix up all the colours. We still want to tell what ones you used.

7. Take the same fluffy brush and add the light purple (lilac) to your brow bone.

8. Take the eyeliner brush (the white one) and use the bright purple on the inner half of your bottom waterline. Connect the colour you originally put on your lid to it, like where your tear duct is and to the middle of your eye (I really hope that made sense, eekk). Then use black ice (or dark grey) and finish where the bright purple left off.

9) Use eyeliner on the top and bottom waterline. I am using Loreal Paris Lineur Intense in Carbon Black (felt tip) for the top waterline and Maybelline Line Express in Ebony Black (pencil) on my bottom waterline.

10) Then take and eyelash curler and curl your eyelashes.

11) Add your favorite mascara. I haven't decided on what one I am using yet. Either Revlon Grow Lushcious (Black Shimmer) or Loreal Telescopic (Blackest Black).

So that's it, I am going to be adding my foundation, blush and all that good stuff to my face as well. And I hope this tutorial worked out for you! And let me know if you want more posts like this :) Thanks and I hope you are having a great day!!

the finished look:

This is Avon's look for this, of course mine is going to turn out a bit different because I didn't use the same steps, but its basically the same! :)

Also... Its my dogs birthday today (yayyy!) and I just wanted to give him a quick shoutout! So happy birthday Mozart!! love youuuu <3333

Product Review: Maybelline Expert Eyes

I was very disappointed in this product. It is Maybelline Expert Eyes Moisturizing Eye Makeup Remover. I was looking for my normal makeup remover and I did not see it at the store, so I figured I would try something new. I came across this product and wasn't expecting a lot from it but I was hoping it would take off my makeup until I could get my normal makeup remover. I figured I should do I product review blog post on this just in case anyone was thinking about trying this product out. What I didn't like about it was that it was oil. I am not a fan of oil makeup removers and its not because I have oily skin (I actually have dry skin). It is because I hate the texture and the feeling of it. I have to give it the fact the it does take the makeup off but it is a lot of work! So you take it off and then it leaves behind all this oil. So then I end up washing my eyes a billion times and you can still see oil on the waterlines. It is the most annoying thing, and a big pain when trying to be fast. Like for example I used my other makeup remover to fix up my eyeliner if i messed it up, but  this I can't because I would have to wash the oil off. Some people might like this product but I am not a fan. So tell me if you have tried this makeup remover and what you think of it! Talk to you guys later :)

And I just want to give you an update on what blogs will be coming up in the next week. So tomorrow I am going to the beach and I will probably just put up a tag because its fast and I will be doing it right before I go to bed. Then I am going to a wedding so there will be no post on Saturday. Do you want what I am wearing to the wedding post tomorrow if I have time? I have't made up my mind yet...Then on Sunday I was thinking of doing a makeup tutorial of what I had on for the wedding (smokey eye). And I haven't planed past that, probably a bunch of back to school posts. So that's about all, and if you have any requests of blog posts put them in the comments and I will try to get them up for you! :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

MAC shopping list! :)

My MAC Shopping List <3

So we all know that MAC isn't the most cheapest brand and most of us can't afford to get a ton of make-up from there at once. I wrote out a list of my MAC must haves, I got my list from what YouTube beauty people were using and added on what I wanted most. I am planning and slowly getting each product and start adding more to my MAC make-up collection. You could also use this as a MAC starter kit if you are just starting to buy make-up :) I will also have MAC's website below if you want to check out any of the products mentioned here. 

- Mineralized Skinfinish Natural 

Paint Pots 
*if you are wondering what a paint pot is, its a eye shadow that goes on creamy but dries and has a nice finish to it, you can also blend it with different eye shadows to get different colours 
- Bare Study 
- Rubenesque 

Eye Shadows 
- Phloof 
- All That Glitters (my most wanted colour)
- Sable
- Satin Taupe 
- Brule 
- Espresso 

- Well Dressed (this is a powder blush, not a creme) 

- Hue 

Eyeliners (Technakohleyliner) 
- Graphblack 
- Brownborder 

- 224 Tapered Blending Brush 

So that's everything that is on my wish list. If you are wondering about any of the products this is the website So add what your favourite MAC product in the comments and I will talk to you guys tomorrow! :D 

Monday, August 15, 2011



So guys, tomorrow I am going to Canada's Wonderland! (yayyy) If you dont know what it is, its a giant theme park with tons of roller coasters and rides! So this is whats gonna be in my bag and what I am wearing! :D  p.s there will not be a blog post tomorrow because i am not going to be home, sorry

~What I'm Wearing~

I am wearing jean shorts, tank top and a cardigan if it gets cold! :) Also everything I am wearing is from American Eagle...that was not planed (haha). Okay, so the first thing is normal jean shorts. This is because I don't want to wear a dress and have it fly up on the rides. Next I am wearing an undershirt that has lace on the top and the bottom. I am probably just going to be wearing this because its suppose to be hot! But if I get cold on the bus or there its good to have a light sweater in my bag :) So thats what I am wearing! 

~ What I am bringing for the bus ride~

Okay, so in my bag is stuff I am going to need at the theme park and some entertainment for the ride! 
My bag is Roxy and its pretty big, I got it a year ago but I still see it at stores so you could probably find it. I am going to do a whats in my bag blog, so I cant get into the details about it then :) 

- First thing I have is my keys, they have a cute giraffe on them that Martha got for me when she went to Kenya (go follow her blog!
- Next is my wallet, I just have my money and important cards in it 
- I then have a small container of Body Shop body butter
- I have my EOS lip balm in summer fruit 
- My ipod, I am probably going to be listening to music the entire time, and of course playing apps! But its really handy to have when your bored 
- I have a bunch of hair ties, this is because I might want to put my hair up during the ride 
- I have my clear lip gloss from maybelline and its in Minty Sheer 
- I have my sunglasses from Aldo, always good to have to protect your eyes from the sun!
- Next I have the newest edition of Seventeen 
- Finally I have a book, this one is Tan Lines from the series Beach Blondes (I will not be bringing this into the park with me) 

I will also be adding water and snacks in my bag but I am going to be dong that in the morning! I will also have my cell phone and a camera! :)  

So that's what I am wearing/bringing to Wonderland. Let me know your must haves for a road trip below! Thanks for reading! xoxox

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