Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back to School - Yummy School Lunches! :)

We all know that buying school lunches at school are not the healthiest thing. Luckily you can always pack it and make it as healthy as you want! :) 

Apple & Peanut Butter Sandwich! 

what you are gonna need: 
- bread/bagels (you can use whatever kind of bread you want, like raisin cinnamon) 
- peanut butter 
- an apple

So toast your bread/bagel in the morning. When that is toasting cut up your apple into slices. When the toast pops up put peanut butter on it. When you are finished with that add the apples and put the toast on top of that. And now you have a peanut butter and apple sandwich! 
*you can also just put banana's on your sandwich instead of apples, and add a dash of cinnamon for extra flavour!

Fresh Fruit Kabob with Peanut Butter

what you are gonna need
- your favourite fruit (like apples, strawberries, grapes, melons) 
- peanut butter
- kabob sticks 

Cut up your favourtie fruit into bite size pieces. Add them onto your kabob stick. I suggest making 2 fruit sticks. Finally put peanut butter in a container and you can dip away :) 

A Pizza Sandwich!

what are you gonna need:
- bread (I suggest buns that you can get at any grocery store in the bread department)
- pizza sauce 
- cheese (mozzarella) 
- pepperoni or anything that you would put on a pizza

Take your bread and cut it in half. Then add the pizza sauce and pepperoni and cheese. And the other piece of bread on top and you have a yummy pizza sandwich. 

Dip & Pitas 

what you are going to need:
- hummus or spinach dip
- pitas 
- carrots or other vegetables 

This is a simple meal if you are running late in the morning! You can make your own or buy hummus or spinach dip in the grocery store (but it is always better to make it yourself because you will know what goes into it!). Take your pitas and cut them into little triangles or you can get mini pitas and you don't have to cut them at all! Add some carrot sticks and other vegetables you like as well :) 

Turkey Wrap! 

what you are gonna to need: 
- tortilla wrap
- cream cheese 
- salsa 
- turkey slices 
- lettuce 

Take your wrap and spread your cream cheese all over it. Then add the salsa. When your done that put the turkey slices on it and add the lettuce. Roll it up and cut it in half and now you have a yummy wrap! :) 
Idea from here

What to put with your lunches! 
For sides you can have crackers like goldfish, bagel crisps, or pretzels. You can also add some fruit like watermelon. If you want some sweets which is totally fine, have 2 cookies or a brownie.  
For drinks you can have juice, water or milk. 

If you tried out any of these lunches let me know! :) And if you want me to do some cooking posts, like different kinds of muffins or breakfast ideas let me know in the comments!! And I will talk to you tomorrow :) 

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