Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hair & Makeup Trends for Fall 2011!

So, with fall around the corner (gonna miss summer). I thought doing hair and makeup trends would be a good idea! Lets start with makeup and then move into hair!

Big thick lashes are in for fall! They are called spider lashes because they are suppose to look like spider legs (a bit creepy) . To get this look just apply your favourite mascara like normal, now take the mascara and close your lid and go down and up (like from your lid to the end of your lashes). Doing this gives your lashes a spider look. 

Metallic eye shadows are in! To get this look take a silver eye shadow and put it all over you lid, how easy is that! :)

Red lips are one of the lip colours that are in this year! Rock this look by applying a red lip liner and some red lipstick, or just the lipstick if you are running late! :) (also try adding some gloss) 

Taylor Swift always knows how to pull off a red lip!

I am so happy pastel lips are in this fall! It is a great colour to wear to school and you can also use the lipstick as a blush. 

Braids are very popular this fall. From a basic braid to a waterfall braid they are easy to dress up and down! I am planing on doing a bunch of tutorials on doing different braids and different looks with them so keep checking my blog out to see when it is posted! :) 

Messy buns are in for fall, and I love this look! But it can be hard to master. I would suggest making your hair wavy first or loosely curling it and twisting it into a bun. 
Waves are also in this upcoming season! I will also have some tutorials up on how to get this look.

So thats all and I hope you enjoyed this post, comment below and let my know what your favourite fall trend is! And I will talk to you guys tomorrow! :) 

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