Saturday, August 27, 2011

no heat waves - back to school

I am putting the no heat wave tutorial under back to school because it is a fast hairstyle to do in the morning. It also gives your hair lots of body and volume. So lets get into the tutorial!

Before you go to bed...
step one
Bush your hair out and separate it into 4 even parts. Like have two parts in the back and two in the front.
step two
Now braid each part. You can clip the hair you are not using up so it doesn't get in the way. So this is what your hair should look like when you are done braiding. Doing 4 braids will make it have more wave and volume vs doing 2. Haha, don't judge the picture, you will look silly but luckily no one will see you.

step three
sleep :) easy step, eh?
Rise and Shine!!
step four
Just undo the braids and you can brush it out a bit. But brushing it will make the hair more poofy/frizzy so I don't like to do that. You can just hair spray it for extra hold and that is the end result! 

So that's all, as you can see it doesn't take much time or energy to do.You can also do different things with your bangs (like twist them or braid them).I can do a beachy wave tutorial using hair products if you guys want, it looks a bit different then this one. And I figured out what was wrong with the comments except now I have to approve them and I don't get why, but comment and I will automatically accept them :) Plus this week pinkbeautylove and I are making a fall look book! So expect that soon, I am really excited for it! That's it and I will talk to you tomorrow! 
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