Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back to School - Study Tips

Hey everyone! So I am not feeling that good today and it sorta ruins what I was going to do on this blog, but maybe I can just move it to tomorrow if I am feeling better :)

Homework can always stress you out. Sometimes it just feels like you have more work then you can possibly get done in one night. Well here are my tips and tricks of making homework less stressful and getting it done on time! 
Where you are can make a big difference of how focused you are in your work. If you are sitting in a noisy  room or in the den with the TV on you probably won't focus. Go into your bedroom or the library and plug in your iPod and listen to some music! You can check out my playlist here
This probably sounds silly, but it helps me a lot. When I feel like I have a million different project due the next day (cause I tend to leave things to the last minute, but DON'T it is very stressful and I am making it a goal NOT to do that this year) making a list of what I have to do helps a lot. So write down: English, Math, Science and then put times like an hour for each thing or until its done if its a project. When you finish something scratch it off your list and it feels like your making progress! (woohoo!) 
So the teacher gives you a project that's do in two weeks and your like I have tons of time. And then a week goes by and your like, oh still tons of time. And suddenly its the night before it is due....DON'T DO THIS! Okay this is probably the worst thing to do. Because when you end up doing the project your tired and you don't do a great job on it. Plan out what you are going to do. (I would suggest getting a notebook with all this homework planing, it can be your to-do book) So write down what you are going to do each week. For example your first week can be writing out a rough draft of your English essay. Then the next week edit it, write it out again and have someone look at it. And then write out your final copy and hand it in! Hardly any stress plus you have it in on time or done before it is due! In my agenda I always write a week before it is due : DUE  IN A WEEK. It is better to have that then just write when it is due because you can forget about it and that week see it there and being "oh snap!". 
I will go more in depth about this near exam time. But when studying for a test just go through your notes and highlight what you think is important, also try to re-do some of your homework. It is always good to start studying 2 weeks before a test than the night before. If you have ever waited to the night before you know how crazy stressful it is! Also when you finish a test put in a folder so you know where it is come exam time! Some do's and don'ts for when your studying is: Don't study on your bed, you won't take in any information and your brain knows your bed is where you sleep and it can make you more tired and less focused. Do take lots of breaks, every 20minutes go watch some TV or go on facebook/twitter for around 10min. During this time your brain will take in everything you just studied. Do make a nice study area, like add cute pens to your desk :) Don't have your laptop open with facebook and twitter beside you, it can be a major distraction! 
These are just some snack ideas for when you studying. It can give you energy when your trying to focus on something :)
- carrots/pita chips and hummus 
- apple and peanut butter or apple wrapped in turkey slices 
- granola bar
- fruit salad 
- frozen yogurt 
- bagel pizzas 
- homemade cookies (may not be the healthiest but it is yummy :P)
- cream cheese and crackers 
- trail mix
- water/coffee if you think it is going to be a loooong night 
So sometimes teachers give you a lot of homework questions (especially math) and you sit and wonder, do they not think I have any other classes? Well this is what I do when I have a ton of homework! So I make a time limit of each course. So experts say a maximum of 1 hour to 2 hours on each set of homework. So if it goes over that time limit I would stop. Also with math they give you a question that has a billion different parts to it (like a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,ect) I would do every other one if I have a lot of problems like this. Or if I am understanding it do four of the last ones because the last ones because they are always the hardest. If you can't understand a problem I would ask someone and if they don't get it star it and ask your teacher the next day. 

Those are all my studying tips :) I hope you find them useful and I am planing on doing no heat waves tomorrow if I am feeling better. So talk to you guys tomorrow! 

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