Sunday, August 21, 2011

Easy School Makeup! + Update

If you like to get up at the last minute and still look put together this look is for you! This can take up to 10 minutes or less (depending how fast you go). I like to get as much sleep as I can in so I use this practically everyday!

Step One:
Make sure your face is washed!

Step Two:
Put on your foundation, I like to use Covergirl Natureluxe Foundation. I find that it is easy and fast to blend in.

Step Three:
Concealer! I dont always use this step becasue the foundation might be engouh to cover all of my blemishes, but if you still have some reddness or anything put some on! (you could also do this before the foundation). I use Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer.

Step Four:
Then put on some blush :) I use Covergirl in the shade cheekers (haha, cute name huh? like checkers but for you cheeks! you probably understood the joke awhile ago...)

Step Five (if you have extra time! If I am really running late I skip this entire step!)
Put on some eye shadow! I would just swipe on the middle colour of covergirls shimmering sands (like a light brown) and if you have time put the darker shade in the outer lid and the light on in the tear ducts and brow bone. Or use Revlon creme shawdows in Not Just Nudes. I like to use the champange colour (the one next to the light one) and this is a really fast way to get some colour to your lids! (I might do a tutorial on how to a basic eye with these)

covergirl shimmering sands 

Step Six (also if you have time!) 
Eyeliner! I recently fell head over heels for Avon's glimmersticks in black!

Step Seven
Put on your favourite mascara! Use waterproof if you have a gym class or its raining/snowing out!

Step Eight 
Use your favourite lip product!

And now your go to go and on time for your school bus! #skills

So I am back from the wedding! It was super fun :) I didn't get much pictures on my camera of my dress but I could still do what I wore if you want! In other news (haha) Pinkbeautylove (Martha) and I are doing a fall lookbook for all of you! We are not sure how it is going to be done and all the details yet, but watch for I!! I am super excited for it :) Anyway thats alllllll and I will talk to you guys later :) bye! 

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