Saturday, August 13, 2011

BACK TO SCHOOL FUN! - creative binders! :)

Are you tired of boring looking binders? Well this is a solution to make them fun and smile every time you take them out!
Make your binders have their own personality make a collage for them!

What you are gonna need!?
> a hard cover binder that has a front pocket (get them at any store that sells school supply's for example staples)
> a piece of plain paper or card stock
> a TON of old (or new) magazines and photos
> scissors
> glue stick
> your favorite music because its always fun to dance and have a good time! :D

Lets get started!
So you have probably made a collage before so i am not going to go in great detail about the steps but this is basically what you do:
1) cut out your favorite pictures from the magazines, cute quotes are also really fun! :)
2) lay them out over your page and try to find what layout you like best! my layout is in the pictures below!
3) take a picture of it just in case you forget what it looks like!
4) take off the pictures that are not being glued to the blank piece of paper and put them around the paper near the area you are gluing them (its easier to remember where to put them when it comes time to glue)
5) glue the pieces that are being put on the paper one by one
6) then glue the pieces we took off in step 4
7) let it dry
8) put them into the binder pocket and now you have your own personalized binder! (yay)

check out my pictures below of my binder collage and i will talk to you guys later! :)

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