Monday, August 29, 2011

when is it time to say goodbye?

As with mostly everything in the world makeup doesn't last forever. It is good to know if you can keep your makeup or if it should be sent to the garbage can. I am going to go through each product and how long it lasts.

This product has the shortest life. This is because you use it on directly on your eye and it goes right into the tube. Also if you have an eye infection (like pink eye) throw it out right away. Mascara lasts for 3 months.
Liquid Foundation:
Liquid foundation should be thrown out sooner if it has a wide opening because it is exposed to the air more. Also throw it out if the smell has changed, it becomes thicker and if it settles. Most liquid foundation lasts for 3-6 months.
Eye Shadows, Powder, Blush
This lasts for 1 year.
It will last for 6-8 months.
Lip Gloss & Lip Sticks
This can last for 1 year.
Eye/Lip Pencils
You should sharpen your pencil every week to get rid of the bacteria and so it doesn't get transferred to your eye. Remember it dries up it has gone bad. It should last 1 year.
Brushes & Sponges 
Wash your brushes once a month. I am going to do a post about how to take care for your brushes later on. Replace your sponges every month or when it rips.

> if any of your makeup starts to smell bad toss it out
> wash your hands before touching your makeup so you don't get bacteria in it
> never share your makeup

I hope you found this post useful! If you have any requests for posts please put them in the comments and I hope you are having a great day :)

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