Monday, August 15, 2011

my top summer nail polish shades!

These are the nail polish shades I have found my self reaching for over and over. I love all the different colours and how bright they are! I am going to go through each nail polish and what I love about it! :)

Nicole by OPI

- the first shade I have is a light green, but when you put it on it turns into this bright colour, I absolutely love it! The colours name is My Lifesaver and its in the Justin Bieber collection! 
- The next shade is basically glitter. It has little heart confetti that is super cute <3 The only thing I don't like about it is it is hard to get the little hearts on your nails. So if you are using it, make sure you have some time! I would also put this colour on top if another colour (like Shell We Dance from Sally Hanson) The name of this colour is Love Your Life 


- The next shade I am going to talk about can go under the Love Your Life. It is a light pink and is good if you are looking for a nude shade. It does need a few coats to make the colour stand out. But its worth the work! The colour is In The Spot-Light Pink
- Next is a hot pink. I have been looking for a hot pink colour for a very very very long time! It took me awhile to find a good shade but I think this one was what I was looking for! The colour is That's Hot! Pink


- This colour is super pretty! Its called Smooth Sailing. It is blue and has really cool reflects (like silver or something). This is only in the summer collection so I am not sure if you can still get it. Anyway this is the colour I am currently wearing! :)   


- I have never tried or heard of this brand before...BUT I <3 IT! It has an amazing brush and the gold colour is really pretty :) It is glittery and this nail polish doesn't chip easily. It is also SUPER cute to have it on your ring fingers (on both hands). I usally do this with the colour That's Hot! Pink and Smooth Sailing. 

China Glaze

- This is the most NEON colour ever! It is a bright pink but it almost looks orange its so bright. I love having it on my toes (it is right now). It is a very matte colour, very different from all my other nail polishs. The colour is Flip Flop Fantasy.

So that is my top summer nail polishs! I hope you enjoyed this post and write down your favourite summer nail polishs in the comments below! And I will talk to you later :) 

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