Wednesday, August 31, 2011

H&M outfit! :)


So, I wasn't planing on doing another blog post. But I was playing around on polyvore and I LOVED how this outfit turned out!
This outfit is sorta a transition from summer to fall :) All the clothes are H&M because there is a new store opening in October where I live and I was just getting a feel for their clothes. Now I can't wait until it opens!! So I am going to go through this outfit.
The top is a plain white blouse. I like this one because it is short in the front and longer in the bottom. I would put this with high wasted shorts but you can put normal shorts as well. I like the faded shorts instead of dark. And when it becomes more cold you can put tights under the shorts, I think a basic black or a pattern ones would look best. I then matched the shoes and the bag. I love these sandals and the tote is good for school! Also instead of sandals you can get low rise booties and they are sooo cute :) I also added a black loop scarf because it does get a bit cold in the fall and this can keep you warm. For jewelry I put a bunch of gold bracelets (and one has a clock! how cool!) and some chunky rings with some colour. I then added a stack of silver rings because putting  silver and gold jewelry together are in this fall! And I think its cute :P I then added a simple key necklace. Now for makeup, I used Nars for everything :P. First is the lip gloss and it is in turkish delight. I then added pink blush and a brown eye shadow duo.
So that's my outfit :) The link to my polyvore is here. And if you have a polyvore account put the link in the comments so I can go follow!! Talk to you tomorrow! :) 
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