Thursday, September 1, 2011

August Favourites!

So, this is my first favourites blog of all time! Each month I will be going through my favourites, like beauty, music, hair, ect. I put letters on the picture so when I go through them you know what I am talking about.

a) So first is a pillow pet and it's name is Pandee B. It is sorta silly, but I got him this month and I love it because it is so soft and it can be a pillow or a pet. But yeah, it is just really cute. 

b) This is Covergirl Natureluxe Foundation. And I have done I post using this product. It is my all time favourite foundation! I got it in July but I have been using it everyday. 

c) MAC Dazzleglass in baby sparks. I really like this lip gloss because it is not as sticky as the lipglass because the lipglass sorta drives my insane, the wind blows in my face and hair gets stuck in it. Just not fun. But this is a good nude colour and it has lots of glitter in it, but not to much that it looks weird. The applicator is also a brush.

d) One by One Mascara. This has been my go to mascara for the entire summer. I have been wanting to get it and summer came along and I was like I am going to buy this. So I got the waterproof kind, because I don't want mascara running down my face when I am swimming. But I love this, it doesn't clump and I find it works really well :)

e) This is the new fragrance line at bath and body works. This has to be my all time favourite sent! It is called Pairs Amour. I really like moisturizers in the summer because I have dry skin. I love that I only have to put this on once and I am good for the entire day. 

f) This is the same sent as the moisturizer and it is a body spray. I did a post talking a bit about it but it is a really good mist to just spray on when walking out the door. This is the travel size one and it will be coming to school with me so I have to go get the normal size for home. 

g) I have been reading a lot this summer and I heard a lot of people on youtube talking about Beach Blondes as a good summer read. So I picked it up as well as Tan Lines. I really like this book, the story line is good, idk I just really enjoyed it. BUT I have a question! And please anwser if you know! I will be a great help :) So I finished Beach Blondes and strated to read Tan Lines and there was this guy Austin in it. I am just like, who is he?? I know there is a Spring Break book and I am thinking maybe he comes from that book. So does the order go: Beach Blondes, Spring Break, Tan Lines? or Beach Blonds, Tan Lines, Spring Break? Please tell me in the comments :) 

h) The next thing is Maybelline Translucent lip stick. I am pretty sure I talked about this before, but oh well. I have been using this lip stick almost everyday. The packaging is cute, the lip stick is SO cool, and it smells like candy :) It is only limited edition so I am not sure how long they will be around for. The colour I have is Pink Lollipop.

i) This is just an EOS lip balm in summer fruit. I love these lip balms, I think they are soo cute and smell yummy. 

j) So this is Avon glimmersticks in blackest night. I am not a fan of pencil eyeliner because I find it never goes on easy for me. But this is like a pencil eyeliner but it is smooth and not a pencil eyeliner, sorta hard to explain...I guess it is just a glimmerstick :) But they are really cool and cheap, I got mine fore $3. 

k) This is a perfume roller from La Senza. It is called Kiss Me Cupcake and smells so good!! I actually prefer it over my Vera Wang Princess perfume :O 

l) Next I have Herbal Essences tousle me softly tousling spray gel. I have been using this a lot this summer. I just wash my hair then when it's damp I spray it and scrunch. This stuff also smells really good! 

m) This is Home Fragrance Oil from Bath and Body works. It is in the sent Butterfly Flower. I use this in my sent bug in my room.It smells like really yummy flowers, it is just amazing, love it so much! If you are ever at Bath and Body works I would suggest checking it out and smelling it :) 

n) So the next this is a candle. It is from Bath and Body Works and is in the sent Summer Berries. Now, this sent is the best sent in the world! It reminds me of my childhood, but idk why. It is really sweet. I am so sad it was only around for summer because I wish I stocked up :P 

My favourite song/singer: My favourtie song for the month is Good Life by OneRepublic and my faovurite singer is Landon Austin. I was watching Luck Conard's video and he was telling people to go check out his youtube channel so I did. He is a great singer and you should go check out his channel if you haven't heard him -->

My favourite TV show: So my favourite TV show for the summer has been Big Brother hands down. I love that show so much, and I tweet like crazy about it :P Also I love Pretty Little Liars and the season just ended and it is really sad :( but I can not wait till Oct.19th for their Halloween episode :) 

My favourite food for the month is Skinny Cow ice cream! :) I tried it for the first time this month and I really like it. So I think I am going to have one after I am done writing this post.  

Those are all of my August Favourites! Comment what your August Favourites are or if you did a post about it link it so I can read it. Plus if you know about Beach Blondes and the order of the books please let me know!!! And I will talk to you later :) 

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