Sunday, August 21, 2011


Ever wonder what it would be like to be interviewed by Teen Vogue??!! well, here is your chance! :D
I was bored and flipping through the August Issue and saw the Taylor Swift article and the most importantly saw the Taylor-made Q&A. I was thinking, those questions sorta fit me, why not make a tag? p.s when doing this don't be so serious, have some fun with it! I do not own these questions, they are directly from teen vogue! No copy write intended!  

1. Your relationships with your close girlfriends are inspiring and seem very important to you. How do you make time to see them when you're so busy with your superstar schedule? 
Well, my life is just so jammed packed becasue I am just soooo famous, Its hard to find time from school, sports and my job! We always find time that will work with both of us, because no matter what friendship comes first :)
2. If you could have dinner with any character from a movie, book or TV show, who would you choose and why? 
There is so many choices its hard to pick! Probably Kendall Jenner from the Kardashians. I love that show so much, and I find that we are sorta similar because we have the same interests. I think we could be really good friends :P 
3. What are the top three songs that are inspiring you right now?
"Skyscraper" By Demi Lovato but I only like Luke Conard's cover. If you wanna hear it click the music bar below :) "Long Live" Taylor Swift. I love this song and I always go back to it! "Alligator Sky" Owl City. This song might not be inspiring but I like it :) 
4. What are your pop-culture guilty pleasures?
Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Big Brother. I also love watching beauty videos on YouTube :)
5. Do you ever get nervous before performing? How do you deal with it?
Well I do have dance recitals so this question sorta applies to me :) I get SUPER nervous. I sorta deal with it by jumping around and going ahhh! 
6. Describe your favourite dress you've ever worn.
My favourite dress I have ever worn I like a navy sun dress, it has flowers all over it :) 

So that is all the questions! And I tag pinkbeautylove and you! Plus if you do this tag put a link in the comments so I can read it :) Talk to you later! <3

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