Thursday, October 13, 2011

Camping & Shoutout :)

Hey everyone! So, I just got back from camping this afternoon! I haven't even unpacked my bag yet but I probably should. So here is what camping was like:
We did a lot of canoeing, school work, and hiking. Here is a picture of a giant rock we climbed up (it use to be a mountain so I don't really know what to call it, lol). 
This isn't my picture but it was really pretty, and all the leaves were red, orange and yellow. Gotta love fall <3 We also got to have a bunch of wild fruit! Like apples and grapes, they were so tasty! The grapes were the size of blueberries! Sorta strange that they are so so much bigger in the supermarket. It was also suppose to rain for two of the days we were gone, but we lucked out and it only rain during the night :) The worst part of the trip had to be that I got the flu and was sick for half of it. I am feeling better now but it really sucks being ill in the middle of the woods! This is a bit random but there were a bunch of bear sightings where we were we were camping, so my friend and I knew there could be bears around. So we had to go collect firewood and it was getting dark. We then came across this rock that looked just like a bear! It was so scary, it even had ears and was as big as a bear. We ended up ran away from it but the next morning we went over and investigated and it was just a giant rock. But I guess your mind can really play tricks on you! 
Overall I think it was a pretty good trip, it was cool to hear the wolves howl at night and making a fire and roasting marshmellows. But I am glad to be back at home :) 


So, I just want to give beauty~fashion~by me shoutout :) Her blog has tons of fun and helpful beauty posts! So go check her out if you haven't already!! :D 

So that's everything! I hope you had a good few days and I will have a halloween tutorial up tomorrow!! Ahhh, halloween is getting so close, I'm so excited!! :D Anywho, talk to you tomorrow :) 
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