Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Quick Update!

Hey everyone! So I am not going to be doing a blog post today because I am not feeling well :( But I needed to do a blog update so I guess it is a win win situation. 

I was thinking of posting a new blog series called throughout the years. Basically it is just going through what you remember in kindergarten, grade one, two, three, ect. I would have one every month or so that way they are spread out :)

For Halloween posts I was thinking of starting them after I get back from camping (Oct. 14). I think if I do them now it is a bit too early. If you have any requests for Halloween costume tutorials please put them in the comments :) I will also have treats, craving pumpkin tricks, how to make the pumpkin last longer, and more. 

I also just wanted to let you guys know that I have a twitter http://twitter.com/#!/peacelovekayy. I use it for a lot of blogging stuff (like I will tweet the link and that sort of thing). I think it would be handy on days like today when I am not doing a post to just tweet it. And I follow back if your wondering :) 

Again, sorry about not putting up a blog post today. I am thinking of pre-writing some so on days like today I can just publish it. That's about it and I will talk to you tomorrow! :) 
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