Sunday, October 9, 2011

Halloween: Barbie Costume & Makeup

Hey girls! This is my first ever Halloween tutorial, wooo its so exciting :D So, I decided to do a barbie one. I find this can be really cute and you can do whatever to make the look your own. But this look is going to be based on barbie in Toy Story 3. So here is barbies look from the movie:
For the toy story one: Try to find a teal jumpsuit. I know that is probably easier said than done. But I would suggest looking at American Apparel or any thrift stores. Next get a chunky pink belt and tie it around your waist. Then get really colourful  leg warmers (this is my favourite part of the entire outfit, lol). And tie the whole look off with pink heels. For hair (if it isn't blonde already) get a blonde wig with bangs. I would suggest looking at the Hannah Montana ones. Finally if you can tie it up get a pink skrunchie. 
For a regular barbie one: I would suggest getting a pink dress and pink heels. This is because barbie always wears pink! 

Eyes: Start off with some eye primer. Make sure you blend it in with ring finger to avoid wrinkles. Get a basic pink eye shadow and cover your entire lid. Then take a darker pink and cover the outer half. Also put the same shade under your water line. Then take a hot pink and put it in the crease. Next take any gel glitter and use it as eye liner. Then on your bottom waterline put eye liner, the colour doesn't matter but I would suggest black, brow or white. Add your favourite mascara and your done! You can also apply fake lashes if you want. But have fun with it and experiment :) 

Face: Do your regular foundation routine. Next is blush! Try to find a really bright pink blush. A cream blush would be really good for this. After that put powder on top so it lasts longer. 

Lips: Try to find a really pink lip stick. I would suggest Viva Glam Gaga from Mac. 

That is the Barbie Halloween Tutorial! I hope this is helpful also if you also had a guy friend he could be Ken! Wouldn't that be so cute? :) Anyway, If you have any Halloween requests please put them in the comments :) 

What are you going to be for Halloween?
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