Friday, October 14, 2011

Fun & Easy Costume Ideas!

Halloween costumes don't have to be super complicated and expensive to look cute and spooky! Here are 5 different costume ideas! 

Tinkerbell is such and easy costume to do. Basically wear a lime green dress (like the colour of tinkerbells). Then get green flats and hot glue white puff balls on them to get her shoes! Get some fairy wigs and tie your hair into a high bun. I also suggest a LOT of glitter! You need to re-create the pixie dust :) 

All you need for this is a dark dress and a some fangs! You can also do fun things with your face makeup like have blood dripping down your mouth :O Here is a really good vampire tutorial by MacBarbie07 :)

I tried this vampire look out at home and I LOVED it! I decided that I am going to be a vampire for Halloween :) So when I get my costume and everything I will take pictures and do a blog post! 

Get a dark outfit like a dress or something, you can add a cloak or something to it as well. A broom to ride on and a wand (you can also use a stick for a wand if you want). Be creative with the makeup! You can paint your face green or something else, just look up different witch looks on google images :) Oh, and also get a witch hat! Hahahah <--- that was my witch laugh btw :) 

Can you give me a meeeoooowwww? The first thing you want to do with your cat costume is get the meow down! :) Other than that, I think a black cat would be easiest. So dress in all black and add a cat tail and some cat ears. Then with some eye liner do a nose and whiskers :) You could also add a collar to the look. 

This would be best if you had a friend to do it with you. Basically dress in red (a jumpsuit would be best if you could find one) and add a circle one your chest saying Thing 1 and your friends saying Thing 2. Then add a blue wig!

Those are 5 easy and cheap costumes ideas! Let me know what Halloween tutorials you want to see next, I am thinking of doing the Mad Hatter from Alice and Wonderland :) So, hope you have a happy friday and talk to you tomorrow!
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