Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Get The Look: Kendall Jenner

Hey everyone! So today I am going to do a makeup tutorial on Kendall Jenner's everyday makeup! I love how natural her look is, and its perfect for school or work :) Here is how to get her look:

Do your foundation how you normally would. I find that a lot of people have different ways to apply it. For me I would use my naturelux foundation and apply it all over my face. Then I would use concealer if I needed it. Finally if I find my face is looking shiny I would then use my maybelline dream matte powder.  

Kendall always has very neutral eyes, but a lot of eye liner and mascara! 
For eye shadow I suggest getting an eye pallet like covergirl shimmering sands or almay trio for hazels. These pallets are very neutral and you can get a lot of use out of them! Anyways it is a bit hard for me to go through the steps of putting on the eye shadows because you might have different ones than me. But most of these pallets should have instructions on the back :) If you want me to do a natural eye tutorial let me know in the comments! And sometimes Kendall doesn't wear eye shadow at all so that is always an option. 
For eyeliner I would suggest a black pencil. Do your waterline and your upper tight line :) 
Curl your lashes and then apply your favourite mascara! 

Kendall's face makeup is very natural. You can apply liquid blush because it can give you a more natural look or just sweep on some powder blush. 

Her lips are also very natural. Try any nude lip sticks. My favourite is Lustre Marquise D' by MAC but it is limited edition. So if you don't have that I would suggest Hue (also by MAC). 

Her hair is mostly always straight. So just apply heat protectant and straighten :)

So that is all I hope you enjoyed this post and my new series of blog posts :) I will talk to you tomorrow!! :D 
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