Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fitness: How To Make Working Out Fun!

I thought it would be a good idea to do a post on how to workout and not feel like you are working out and have lots of fun! :) Here are some of my tips: 
1. Ride a bike. This is such an easy one! It doesn't feel like you are working out and it is a great way to get around. Also it can be good to just go out and bike to clear your mind. Personally I like to take my dog out and bike with him by the lake everyday. It is so nice & quiet, just 'me' time :) Here is a cute picture I found:
2. Join some workout classes. I find this helpful for me because some days I am super unmotivated and I find when I have a workout class to go to I have to go. They are also super fun (my favourite is Zumba). There are a ton of options! So there is a class out there for you! 
3. Sports! I find this the best way to work out because it is so fun and gets your mind off working out! It is also good because you can meet a ton of new friends :) Plus there are so many to pick from! My top two are soccer, basketball. But I am so excited to try a bunch out this year! For example this winter I want to try out ice sailing, it looks so cool :) I just need the lake to freeze! But there are so many to get involved with. 
4. Running. So this is good to do alone, or in a group. I want to try out running this year and I am so excited! I might try out joining a group for beginners. But if you are wanting to start out running by yourself try running for 5 minutes and then walk for 2 (or something like that). Running is also good to do if you are angry or confused because it can clear your head.  
5. Based on the weather: Summer - some fun summer workout ideas are swimming in the lake (it works you out a lot more than a pool because of the current, but if you don't have a lake or ocean near you a pool would be good), running (unless you like to run in the cold it can work for both seasons) Winter - skating, skiing, sledding (may not seem working out but climbing up and down a hill is!) Both - walks (great to do with your dog or just after dinner) you can also go on hikes, wii (much better than sitting down and playing video games)
6. No thanks, I will take the stairs! Taking the stairs is a great alternative to using the elevator, and a great workout! Try skipping a step when going up them :) 

I will be doing a lot more fitness posts :) I hope you found these tips helpful and if you have any requests for fitness blog post or have any fun workout ideas please put them in the comments! I hope you all have a great dayy <3 
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