Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Fall Shopping List!

Fall Shopping List
So next weekend is the last weekend of summer. I have to say I was really sad to see summer go, but now I am really excited for fall! I am planning on doing a fall/winter look book at the end of October (like in the 20s). That is because H&M is finally opening in my town! I am so excited, it is a bit crazy. Anywho these are clothes that I am looking to buy. I won't buy all of them but it would be nice, lol. So I am going to get into my list! And everything on my list is tops & shoes and some random things because I have all the pants I need. If I were to get one more pair it would be leggings from lululemon. Plus I am working from left to right!
-The first top I have on my list is a cable knit sweater. Now I love these sweaters sosososo much! Like if I could only wear one type of top for the entire season it would be cable knit sweaters. Anyways they are very cozy and super warm for when it gets cold (not really looking forward to that). This is in white and I would like to have a plain colour one that way it can match anything. And I would pair this with leggings (or skinny jeans) and riding boots. It is from H&M
-This is also a cable knit sweater, but this one is green! I would get one of them over sized because I know that is a trend for fall. I also think the look is really cute <3 It is also form H&M
-Next is a brown and black stripped top. I saw missglamorazzi wearing a shirt like this in one of her videos and I really want it because it looks so cute! This one is form H&M
-Next is the blouse that I used in a blog post from before and I have fell in love with it! I really hope I can find it. But it is shorter in the front and longer in the back. I love the look of it and again it is from H&M.
-So then is a sweater dress. These are in for fall and they remind me a lot of the cable knit sweaters. I think it would be really cute with some tights. It is from H&M (surprise!)
-Next is this white tank top and it has some lace and then fringe on the bottom. I think a cardigan (especially the one to the right) would to soo cute with it! It is from H&M I think...
- So next I saw this cardigan and I thought it was cool how it looked like a poncho and it had sorta tribal print to it, and I just love it! It also looks really warm and cozy. It is from H&M
- Now for a plaid top. I love plaid for fall (if you read my fall tag you will already know this). But I like the look of them and I want to get a bit of an over sized one because I think it would look adorable. Guess where this is from...if you said H&M your wrong! Haha it is from Levis!
- So last but not least is this sweater and it has stripes all over it and these cool pieces of fabric at the elbow and that is my favourite part! This is from H&M.

- The first pair of shoes is riding boots! I have never had a pair but I have always really wanted one, so this year I am gonna get a pair! So I think these type of boots in fall is the cutest thing! I just really love them <333 These ones are from H&M.
- Next is a pair of slippers. I dont have a pair and I really want some! Plus the weather is getting colder so it will be cute to wear them and have warm pjs and hot chocolate when watching tv. These ones are from Forever 21.
- Next is a pair of moccasins. I also really love these shoes for fall and you can get some that are really warm inside! These ones are from American Eagle (but I have never seen them there so idk)

- So first is an umbrella, because Fall means rain! And mine broke, so I need to get a new one.
- Next is just a black loop scarf, I think this one is made out of yarn or something. But it is from H&M.
- Then I just have a thin belt, I probably will get a braided one but I couldn't find one!
- Then is this really pretty bracelet! It has different fabric and it is braided and looks so cute! I really want it and it is from Forever 21.
- Finally I have a grey lace loop scarf, I love loop scarfs. And scarfs in general :P This one is from American Eagle.

So that is all. Most of the stuff is from H&M because that is where I am going to be doing most of my fall/winter shopping :) So that's everything! If you have any requests for blog post please put it in the comments! And I am thinking about doing a 50 follower giveaway, like something small not huge :P I will do a bigger one for when I am at 100. So let me know if you are interested in that! :)
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