Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Spread Some Cheer! :)

The middle of the week is always the longest/hardest (well I find it is). So I was thinking of stuff we can do to spread some cheer! :D So here are my ideas:

Project Beautiful (I think that is what its called)
This is really fun to do with your friends! So what it is, is you get some post its and write "your beautiful" or "smile!" or your favourite quote. And go and put them everywhere! Like bathroom windows, cars, bus, anywhere you can think of! People will find it and it will bring some extra sunshine in their day! :)

Random Acts of Kindness
Here are a bunch of ideas you can do in your everyday life! I got the ideas from here and here. These are just my top favourites!! <3
> smile at a stranger
> hide some spare change where a stranger can find it or leave money in a vending machine so they can get a treat
> go to the nearest park and clean up as much as you can
> shovel snow for someone or mow their lawn
> hold the door for people
> send a thank you note to your local police/firefighters
> volunteer

These are just some simple ideas to brighten someones day! :) So go spread some cheer!!
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