Friday, September 9, 2011

Tag: Fall Loves :)

So hey everyone! This is a Fall Tag made up by MacBarbie07 (beauty guru on youtube). I thought this would be a cute idea to do and it seemed really fun! There is a beauty section and a random part. 
I tag all of you to do it 2! 

Beauty & Fashion:
1) Top 5 fall makeup items?
Tricky question, I haven't been fall makeup shopping so I probably will have products that you have read about before...naturelux foundation, shimmering sands by covergirl, waterproof eyeliner (or any eyeliner), le gloss by loreal (golden splash) and Lustre Marquise D' from MAC (wonder woman collection). I am on the hunt for a good eye pallet with neutral colours. So once I get that it will be on my list 2! :)  
2) Favorite Fall hair product?
Probably my heat protection spray. This is because I have been curling and straightening my hair more so it is getting a lot more use! 
3) Favorite Fall Nail Polish?
Anything more dark. I like the new Essie collection that is coming out, but I don't have a favourite yet. 
4) Favorite Fall scent?
Do I wear this sent? If so, then my Paris spray from Bath and Body works. If not then anything that smells like apples, leaves, and pumpkins. I love fall scents! 
5) Most worn clothing item & accessory?
Scarfs and Plaid Shirts! I wonder if plaid shirts are so popular in the fall because scarecrows wear them, OH a scarecrow Halloween costume would be so cute! Haha, you could have a crow on your shoulder like pirates have parrots. Okay, I am getting totally off subject. 

Random Fall Questions!:
1) Who's your Fall Style icon?
I don't really have an icon. I look what different people are wearing and try to take all of their styles. Is this making sense? Haha
2) Going to a corn maze, what do you wear?
Jeggins and a loose plaid shirt. For shoes any fall boot. I am so excited to go to the corn maze! 
3) Favorite Halloween movie?
Well, this is hard to pick. Ummm...I really love goosebumps. It was like a horror story for kids in the 90s (idk if you remember, i am not that old right?) Well this show makes me feel like a kid again! :)
4) Favorite Halloween candy?
Plain chocolate bars. I am sorta really picky with candy. Like I hate mars, candy corn, the list goes on and on! I wish I liked candy corn, it looks yummy :P
5) What are you being for Halloween?!
KATY PERRY! I am so excited for this costume it is going to be really super rad! Or a vampire, this is sorta a hard choice! I think I am going to watch a ton of Halloween tutorials online and figure out what ones I like best! :) 

So that's my Fall Tag! And please do this tag and link it below so I can go read! :) And you know what a cool idea would be? Doing different Halloween makeup tutorials! I am totally going to do that! I am sooooo excited for Halloween! I could also put Halloween music to my blog! This is so exciting! Yayyy! Anyway, Talk to you tomorrow! :D

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