Thursday, September 22, 2011

Blog Awards :D

Thank-you sooooo much to the people that gave me these awards :D It means a lot <3 I am going to put them in the same blog, I hope this isn't confusing. But here we go: 

Liebster Blog

A big thanks to BeautyQueen101 her blog link is here: and you guys should totally check out her blog because it is amazing! :) 
This blog award is given to people will less than 200 followers to help them connect to with more people. Here are the people I am nominating :D 

If you were nominated...
- post this on your blog
- choose 5 bloggers you want to give this award too and leave a comment letting them know you did
- show thanks by linking it back to the person that gave you the award 

Tell Me About Yourself Award

Thank-you to Brittany who gave me this award! :D And make sure you check out her bog here: 
This award is great to get to know someone! You basically give 7 random facts about yourself, thank and link the person that gave to this award, and give this award to other people! 
1. I am in grade 12 and hoping to go to Ryerson University after I graduate (for a law course or fashion communications, i can't pick!)
2.  I am currently in ballet and I love to dance! :)
3. I am scared of spiders. 
4. I am obsessed with twitter, like really, I tweet all the time! (my name is @peacelovekayy if you want to follow)
5. I have always wanted to be a model. I am joining a model camp so I am very excited and hopefully I can do runway <3
6. I love to play soccer. 
7. Finally, I hate painting my nails (mostly because I am really bad at it). 

So here are the blogs that I am awarding! :D 

So those are all of the blog awards and again thank-you to BeautyQueen101 and Brittany  who gave me these awards :D 
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