Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Blabber Blog

Hey everyone! So let me introduce you to this 'blabber blog' I guess you can say. On days that I am really busy (like today) or if I just wanna say hey, I will make a blabber blog! I need to think of a better name...I sorta hate this one, if you have any ideas please leave them in the comments! So today has been really busy and a bit crazy! I think once my normal schedule kicks in I will not be running around so much! Today I had school and we had to present what we most care about in the environment (it was for environmental science). But every time I do research about global warming I get upset because I feel like no one really cares. I know most people do but if everyone did the little things (like drive less) the world would be so much better. It is so sad because my project was based on polar bears and there are only 22,000 - 27,000 left. Isn't that crazy that is the size of my city divided by 4 and still there are more people. But only that many polar bears? It is crazy. But anywayyy after school I had my first dance class of the year (if you are wondering I have done ballet for 1 year, jazz for one year and tap for a bit). Fun times :) We just went over stuff we did last year. 
Did you guys watch bachelor pad!? (if you have not see the finale, spoiler alert!!) So fist off Ames and Jackie were my favourite couple! They were so cute together, especially when he ran after her <3 And Jackie looked really hurt because of the breakup. I want them to get back together! :( So then we find out Holly and Blake get engaged and idk who I like better him or Mike. I felt really bad for Mike to find out about it on air, how awkward! (and he never got that water). But Holly and Mike ended up sharing the money and I am glad they won :) 
So, you may not know this but I am in grade 12 and graduating this year! Scary stuff...But I found out about this fun website http://www.studentawards.com/  and it is a place where you can apply for scholarships! It is super helpful, and there is one where you can play a game and win money! Nothing better than that :P But I am not sure if it is available outside of Canada. Plus it is free to sign up and can be great if you are looking into scholarships. 
So big brother finale is tomorrow!! I am freaking OUT!! :D I am so excitedddd, its crazy. Okay so I was Rachel to win. I know people don't like her. But Adam has done nothing (except float all the way to the end) and I don't really like Porsche either. She never started playing the game until day 60 or whatever and she doesn't deserve to win. I find that Rachel has been fighting for her big brother life and has been playing hard in all the competitions! I am hoping she wins and I will be really upset if she doesn't.
Also, I haven't had any feedback on the 50 follower giveaway. Would you guys be interested in something like that? It would be small and then I would have a bigger prize at 100. Exciting stuff!! :D So comment below if you would want a giveaway and  any prize ideas. Because I was thinking nail strips or something fun like that, but yeah let me know what you think! 
What else has been going on, Picture day is Thursday and I have no clue on what to wear :/ hmm...well I think I am going to stop typing and end this because I think it is getting a tad bit long. If you are still reading this you rock :) haah, talk to you tomorrow!
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