Friday, September 30, 2011

September Favourites!

So another month has come and gone. I feel like I just wrote my August favourites post yesterday! Anyway, here are my September favourites! The picture is organized by alphabet and it goes counterclockwise. I then I have two categories: beauty and random  :)


a) First is the nail polish that I have been wearing ALL month! I think this colour is perfect for fall and it is really pretty <3 The brand is Essie and the colour is In Stitches.
b) Next is a lip gloss it's by the brand Stila and is in the shade sugar plum. I really like the colour of this gloss, it is good for fall/winter because it is dark. I also like how the applicator is a brush, so you just twist the bottom and lip gloss gets on it. It also smells like chocolate! How yummy is that??
c) I have also been loving eyeliner this month. I have been trying out different colours like purple. Two of my favourites are a white eyeliner by Annabelle and a black eyeliner by Avon. 
d) My second favourite lip gloss is Le Gloss by Loreal. Mine is in golden splash. I love the tube it comes in, the gold is really cute. I also like the gloss & it smells like vanilla or something :P I love how lip glosses smell/taste so good! 
e) Next is a blush brush. My old blush brush was getting pretty old and I really wanted a new one. This one is really soft and is eco-friendly! The brand is EcoTools. 
f) My next beauty favourite is a MAC zoom lash mascara. I really like this mascara plus it works really well!
g) I have been wanting this face powder for so long! It is Maybelline Dream Matte Powder. I really like it, it is good for when your face looks oily. I am going to keep this in my purse so that way I can use it when I am out! Plus there is a part that slides out and there is a little puff and a mirror. I personally don't like the puff, I'd rather use a brush but it is up to you! 
h) OMG you guys!! This candle is the best thing I have ever smelled!! I am almost out of it (as you can see, lol) but that is only because I have been using it non-stop. It is a really yummy fall sent. Anyways it is from bath and body works and in the sent pumpkin caramel latte :) 
i) So I ran out of my facial cleaner and I wanted to try something new. I saw that clean and clear had a morning burst fruit infusions reviving cleanser in pomegranate and I wanted to try it. One of the things I love most about this is there are strawberry seeds in it! I thought that it was the coolest thing ever when I saw it, haha! It also smells really yummy and leaves your face feeling really clean. 

Random Favourites :)

Food - My food favourite has to be whole wheat bagels and herb and garlic cream cheese. I love this bagel combo, so yummy :)
Website - My favourite website has to be...POTTERMORE! Haha, I love this website! I have been waiting for my email for a long time. So, I started playing  few days ago and it is so addicting. All I want to do is brew potions, lol. I got into hufflepuff and I am so happy with that outcome because I love the little badger :) If you are on pottermore add me as a friend!! I am ScarletHazel13.
TV Show - My favourite TV show is America's Next Top Model!
Song - This is so hard...I have two favourite songs :) My first song is Not Over You - Gavin DeGraw and my other favourite song is Secrets - OneRepublic

That is all the random favourites I can think of :P Have a great Friday!!!!!!
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