Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The End of Split Ends

How to Avoid it in the First Place
There are many things we do to our hair that cause split ends. Here are some basic tips on how to avoid it:
- Let it air dry or use a heat protectant when blow drying it. I always air dry my hair because I find it a lot easier and it works (plus my blow dryer is from the early 90s and I don't like to use it, i think it is older than me!). But sometimes you have to blow dry your hair so use heat protection. 
- ALWAYS use heat protectant spray when  curling/straightening your hair. I use my heat protectant like it is my best friend. It is better to protect your hair than leave it untreated and let it get damaged. 
- Try not to dye it often. Dying your hair like crazy can dry it out and cause split ends. 
- Watch when you brush it! Brushing it when you just got out of the shower is a bad idea. Try using a wide tooth comb.  

- Focus on the ends of your hair when using conditioner. I use Pantene Breakage to Strength shampoo & conditioner. This is suppose to help treat and prevent split ends. 
Get your hair cut. I think how often you get your hair cut depends on you, I would suggest every 3-6 months. But getting your hair trimmed will take away all the split ends and leave it healthy! 
There isn't much treatment for split ends. This is because the only way to really get rid of them is to cut them off. 

I hope this was helpful to you guys & I will talk to you tomorrow :D 
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